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Date: 23 June 2018
Colfax Envelope Corporation  
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Company Name: Colfax Envelope Corporation

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Company Type: Manufacturer

Company Profile

Our equipment and our integrated printing and converting processes are important, of course. But the strength of a company depends on its people.
Because it is the Colfax Envelope people that make it happen.

Colfax Envelope people are skilled and experienced. Many have been with us over twenty years. So they know their jobs, their equipment, and their co-workers. And they want to know you.

Colfax Envelope is proud of our record for delivering projects ON TIME. No excuses, no delays. We want to be the company you trust with your direct mail needs. We are already that company for many outstanding clients.
We have built relationships with them based on excellent service and first-rate reliability.

About Company

Create a first impression that stands out from the clutter, one that engages the eye, excites curiosity, and demands attention. Colfax achieves those goals at competitive prices and with the utmost in reliability.
Accomplishing that goal often necessitates using every trick in the graphic book:
multiple windows
clever action devices
creative perforations and die-cuts
special inks or varnishes
four-color litho
When it comes to producing the job, specialized skills and precision hardware are required. Because standard methods often do not apply when producing custom direct mail envelopes, the job demands the best of what a quality printer can offer, plus the best of what an excellent converter can provide.
To ensure the smooth combination of these two technologies, Colfax has combined a first-rate printing operation with a top-quality converting operation. This unusual combination of printing and finishing does more that simply eliminate one freight bill. It does turn the job around faster, and with more accuracy --- but there is another benefit. In a phrase: One Source, One Responsibility. This, in a nutshell, is the Colfax advantage. Jobs that start at Colfax, stay at Colfax until they are finished. From pre-press to shipping, the same management team monitors your job through every step of production.
Another important component of the Colfax advantage is our vigorous commitment to service. This includes everything from promptly providing an accurate quotation to meeting the most demanding deadlines.
At Colfax we have been working hard since 1966 to make a very complicated process rather routine for our customers. And, as our samples testify, we have succeeded with some of the most respected names in national direct marketing. It is our system of integrated production and comprehensive quality assurance that provides our customers with value-added benefits unique to the industry

Address: 951 Commerce Court,Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089  City: Buffalo Grove      State:: Illinois
Contact: Amanda Patten Johnson  Phone: 215-1122      Fax:: 215-1145
Website: http://www.colfaxenv.com  Email:
Registered: 11 October, 2006 12:00
Company Products: Envelopes
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