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Date: 26 April 2018
Bowers Envelope Company  
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Company Name: Bowers Envelope Company

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Company Type: All sizes and styles of envelopes are manufactured for Business, Insurance, Financial, and Direct Mail companies

Company Profile

Bowers Envelope Company offers their customers high value and low cost envelopes delivered when they want them. Bowers provides flexibility by fulfilling customer requests for small and large quantity orders in 10 days or less. State-of-the-art high speed printing and envelopes folding equipment keeps Bowers Envelope Company a leading competitor in the envelope industry. All sizes and styles of envelopes are manufactured for Business, Insurance, Financial, and Direct Mail companies located in the United States and Canada.

About Company

Bowers Envelope Company was founded in 1928. The company was built with a keen desire to produce the best-quality envelopes and provide the best service available to customers in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities. The Great Depression hit the country only a few years after founding the company. But the founder, Clyde A. Bowers, persevered by selling envelopes during the day and manufacturing them at night for delivery the next day. After making the deliveries, he would sell more envelopes to manufacture that night. Bowers Envelope Company survived the Depression through hard work and determination of its founder and employees.

Address: 5331 North Tacoma Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220-3671  City: Indianapolis      State:: Indian
Contact: Wason, Karen  Phone: 253-4321      Fax:: 254-2231
Website: http://www.bowersenvelope.com  Email:
Registered: 29 October, 2006 02:02
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