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Date: 20 May 2018
LS Industries  
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Company Name: LS Industries

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Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Service

Company Profile

LS Industries designs and manufactures a full line of metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive market. Integrated abrasive blast cleaning systems including those specially designed for cleaning gas and other cylinders (Cylblastâ„¢ and Cylcoatâ„¢) and tire and wheel rims (RimBlastâ„¢) combine cleaning, preparation and powder coating or painting.

About Company

Custom structural airless shot blast cabinets using conveyor and monorail systems are engineered by the in-house engineering staff for efficient and economical cleaning, degreasing and deburring of metal parts and pieces of all sizes including automotive blocks and heads. Cleaningsystems for rebar, pipe and tubing of all sizes are designed and manufactured by LS industries.

Address: LS Industries,710 East 17th St. Wichita, KS 67214-1312 USA  City:        State::  
Contact:    Phone: (316) 265-7997      Fax:: (316) 265-0013
Website: http://www.lsindustries.com/  Email:
Registered: 06 February, 2007 11:29
Company Products: Flow Through Washer, LS Industries 12' Table Blaster, LS Industries Airless Blasters, LS Industries Aqueous Washers, LS Industries Cylinder Blasting, LS Industries Structural Blaster, LS Industries Table Blaster, LS Industries Vibratory Shaker / Tub, LS Pipe Blaster, LS RB2002 Rim Blaster, Monorail Blaster
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