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Date: 20 May 2018
Light Speed Engineering, LLC  
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Company Name: Light Speed Engineering, LLC

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Company Type: Engineering

Company Profile

Light Speed Engineering, LLC, Located at the historic Santa Paula (SZP) airport in Santa Paula, California, has specialized in design, development and production of speed modifications for sport aircraft registered in the experimental category since 1985. LSE strives to improve aircraft performance including stability, speed and efficiency.

One of our broader goals at LSE is to demonstrate aviation as a safe, economical and feasible mode of personal transportation. LSE's test vehicle, a highly modified Vari EZ, demonstrates seat-miles/gallon values better than any airliner at comparable point-to-point speeds, especially when considering time spent traveling to and from major airports.

About Company

The Plasma III and Plasma II Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition systems give you the best power and efficiency increase of any ignition source available today.

Proven for over 20 years in racing and numerous world records, it is the best choice to make your engine run smoother with more power and 10 - 20% better range (dependent on power setting).

The reliability and light weight of the Plasma CDI cannot be matched by any mechanically driven system.

Address: PO Box 549, Santa Paula, CA 93061-0549  City: Santa Paula      State:: CA
Contact:    Phone: (805) 933-3299      Fax:: (805) 525-0199
Website: http://www.lsecorp.com/  Email:
Registered: 06 March, 2007 15:58
Company Products: Aerodynamic Modifications, COMPLETE PLASMA CDI KIT, COMPOSITE SPINNER, Direct Crank Sensor, Dual Electronic Ignition, IGNITION, NACA Duct, O-200 Pistons, PLASMA CDI FEATURES, PLASMA II PLUS, PLASMA III, Sparkplugs, Wheel Fairings
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