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Date: 21 May 2018
Mailways Corporation  
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Company Name: Mailways Corporation

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Company Type: Direct mail marketing

Company Profile

Welcome home! From the local university or take out restaurant, to some of the largest retailers in the country, you'll find Mailways to be a refreshing change in the fast paced world of direct mail marketing. Whether you're presorting and trucking 50 million catalogs, or mailing your announcement or newsletter to the local neighborhood, it's all here under one roof. Located in Southern New Hampshire, Mailways has been a leading provider of data management, presorting, fulfillment, and direct mail services for over 50 years. You won't find a phone mail maze, a slick glass building, or a thousand employees reducing you to a number. What you'll find is dedicated professionals who will work through any project large or small at the best possible rates in the industry. From printing, to logistics, to the post office door, Mailways is a direct mailing name you can trust to do it right, at low cost, and on time

About Company

Well it's been a long road! I doubt many reading this would remember "addressograph" plates - but they were the standard in the early 50's and 60's for addressing mail. A metal plate embossed with an address which was pressed against an envelope with an ink ribbon - Vwallah - auto-addressed mail! Of course this led to building of lists, which meant more plates, more room, more people, and more weight! Building lists, even magazine subscription files were now possible using metal plates...so Mailways hopped on that bandwagon too. By the time the computer was a fixture - Mailways amassed some 10 million plates weighing in at some 130 tons! By the late 60's, Mailways installed a Honeywell 115 system - about the size of a battleship, slow, loud and able to heat the building. It took 4 analysts full time, and a couple operators round the clock to keep the Honeywell running - now printing paper labels called "Cheshire" - Mailways was one of the first in the country to produce these labels and other small shops and printers flocked to our doors for their mailing lists on those new paper Cheshire labels...(they still do!) Mailways continued to build magazine relationships, one of our larger ones was Yankee Magazine - who one day decided to promote gift subscriptions to about a million people - needless to say - Mailways got swamped with new subscriptions that we had to find a better way to handle it all...In these days, most everything was done by tab cards - punched with holes, then read into card readers to become "computerized" This slow and manually tasking job was soon replaced by real time data entry terminals - which could check for errors, fix things like the new zip codes recently invented, and move the whole process much faster. Our friends at Yankee we're pleased...and the founders still call on us today from time to time... Things started moving pretty fast in the 70's, Mailways employed about 120 people, addressing mail, inserting envelopes on the new Pitney Bowes high speed inserters, fulfilling subscription requests on our new IBM systems. We became well known for our involvement with M.A.S.A by creating a list exchange directory which was used by it's members to buy and sell "resident" mail lists - still in publication today by M.F.S.A. Mailways has always been on the forefront of Postal Issues, rulemaking and how it would affect it's customers. The 70's also found Mailways in it's very own building - an 80,000 square foot, 120 year old historic mill building - we had space! Through the 80's Mailways continued to grow, and automate anything we could so our clients would have the benefit of speed and accuracy, always buying up the slick new equipment, the new mainframe computers, and training the best people we could find. Having some of the largest retailers on our doorstep made it important to us, and of course - to them! Today almost everything at Mailways is automated, but we always have time for those really nice looking hand assembled packages that some companies or their ad agency wants to create - and we've seen them all! Today we use dual IBM AS/400 systems running much of our own in house, and innovative software, much of our loyal staff has been with Mailways for a couple decades, some even a few decades so you KNOW they have mailing in their blood. Our equipment is fast, reliable and always there when you need it.. We've been the clear choice to magazines, advertisers, and even national retailers for many years, with new and cost saving ideas always being introduced. We hope you find your way to Mailways and stick around for the next 50 years! Oh..and just so you know, Mailways is still, after 50 years, a family owned and operated company...the funny thing is - we still like each other!

Address: 10 Bartlett St.Allenstown, NH 03275  City: Allenstown      State:: NH
Contact:    Phone: 603.669.5252      Fax:: 603.669.2835
Website: http://www.mailways.net  Email:
Registered: 24 August, 2006 07:36
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