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Date: 21 May 2018
Robinson Fans Florida, Inc.  
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Company Name: Robinson Fans Florida, Inc.

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Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Profile

Robinson Industries Inc., based in Zelienople, PA, is the leading manufacturer of custom-engineered and custom-built industrial fans in North America, with sales extending worldwide. With four U.S. locations, Robinson Industries works in a variety of industries, including mining, pulp and paper, cement, chemical process, steel, power and pollution control.

Throughout the years, Robinson has held true to the same beliefs that molded this family business more than a century ago.

Today, every industria fan product designed and manufactured by Robinson Industries is still custom-designed to the specific needs of each customer. And, of course, pride in craftsmanship is still evident in the quality of product produced at Robinson.

Robinson Industries is a family business that has experienced tremendous growth and success, from Samuel Robinson’s humble origins in an English coal mine to the current family of over 200 people across the United States.

About Company

Humble Beginnings

The company's roots can be traced back to the 1800s when Samuel B. Robinson was born in England to Scottish-Irish parents. At a young age, he began working for the English Crown Coal Company, eventually advancing to the position of master mechanic.

In 1863, Samuel immigrated to the United States and settled in western Pennsylvania. Shortly after his arrival, Samuel joined the 78th Pennsylvania regiment to lend assistance to the Union's cause during the Civil War. He then pursued his interest in the coal mining industry and landed a job as a designer for the Pittsburgh Coal Company. During his tenure at this company, Samuel was credited with devising many improvements in coal-handling equipment and was named plant superintendent.

Samuel’s son, J.R., began helping his father in the coal mine at age 12, earning certification as a journeyman machinist by age 20.After leaving Cornell University, J.R. returned home to go into business with his father.

Growth and Innovation

In 1892, Samuel and J.R. Robinson created the Robinson Machine Company, which served the mines and mills populating western Pennsylvania at that time.This venture would ultimately shape the futures of numerous Robinson family generations.

J.R., acting as chief engineer, directed numerous product innovations, including the development of fans, steam boilers, engines, hoists, crushers and haulers for coal mines and mills. Although business boomed and the plant expanded, Samuel retired in 1907 and sold the company. In 1908, J.R. formed the Robinson Ventilating Company in Pittsburgh, which sold fans designed by J.R. and built by two manufacturers.

In 1917, the demands to support U.S. efforts in World War I severely hampered production at Robinson Ventilating. J.R. built and temporarily occupied a plant in Blairsville, Pa., until 1921 when he opened a new plant near Zelienople, Pa. – the same site Robinson Industries occupies today. 1865-1950

Address: P.O. Box 6260,Lakeland,  City: Florida      State::  
Contact: Gerald Gann, General Manager  Phone: (205) 655-8312      Fax:: (863) 646-1712
Website: http://www.robinsonfans.com  Email:
Registered: 25 July, 2006 13:46
Company Products: Air Foil, Axial Flow, Backward Curve, Backwardly Inclined, FORWARD CURVE, Industrial Dampers, Industrial Exhausters (IE), Paddle Wheel (PW), Pre-Engineered (PE), Radial Blade, RL Pressure Blower, Surgeless Centrifugal Blowers
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