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Date: 21 May 2018
Western Advanced Engineering Co.  
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Company Name: Western Advanced Engineering Co.

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Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Profile

Western Advanced Engineering Co. is an engineering and manufacturing company producing the most productive prepreg equipment for continuous fiber reinforced composites.

We are the originators of the "S-wrap"™ prepreg process. This process has advanced the prepreg process to a reliable and repeatable process and has removed it from the "black art" arena. The WAECO prepreg machines can hot melt impregnate woven fabrics (carbon, aramid, glass) with an AFW of up to 1000 g/m² without weave distortion. An added capability is the capacity to laminate thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene These products are widely used in ballistic applications.

Western Advanced Engineering Co. provides the most advanced engineering concepts and processes for continuous fiber impregnated composites. We also provide custom engineering services, on a non disclosure basis, to update and modernize existing machinery. All custom engineering is produced on computer assisted drafting systems. Drawings and other engineering data can be transferred directly to our customers engineering computer via the internet or by disc transfer.

If you are in the market for any impregnation machinery, coating equipment or update of your existing equipment, we will welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Company Skills and Experience:

  • AFW range: 10 gpm² to 1,000 gpm².
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastic processes.
  • Unidirectional and woven prepregs.
  • Woven fiber impregnation without weave distortion.
  • Single tow impregnation process.
  • Ballistic resistant prepreg process for aramid and polyethylene fibers.
  • Resin and adhesive coating systems
  • Fiber handling systems - unwind creels, 10 to 1,500 stations.
  • Product and trim winders and rewinders.
  • Product slitting and rewinding.
  • Custom machine modifications to upgrade prepreg process.
  • Custom and confidential engineering services.
  • Resin engineering and formulation services.

About Company

Western Advanced Engineering Co. (WAECO) pioneered and perfected high speed "S-wrap"™ fiber impregnation. Our prepreg machines are designed and engineered specifically to improve the productivity and versatility of prepreg manufacturing.

Some competitors have made claims that their machines perform with the same or similar process methods, but to date, only the WAECO prepreg machines incorporate the preferred prepreg process for high speed and consistent fiber impregnation.

The following pages will familiarize you with the features and benefits offered in the WAECO prepreg machine. You will also learn about our turn key production facilities engineering services. We cannot fully cover every variation of prepreg manufacturing in these web pages. If you have a special manufacturing requirement, please contact us for more information.

Address: P.O. Box 17753,Anaheim, CA 92807  City: Anaheim      State:: CA
Contact: Stephan (Steve) G. Velleman  Phone: 714-998-7549      Fax:: 714-998-0710
Website: http://www.waeco1.com/  Email:
Registered: 25 July, 2006 21:09
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