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Date: 21 May 2018
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Company Type: Postal Service

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The link between the born of the postal services and the men history is given with the fact that man is a social being and in consecuence, he was creating through the ages a complete system to break the isolation of the first ages of the humanity and built a system that today, compose all the societies in a global vision, product of the globalization in the communications media and the technologic advance, like the satellite television. That which occurs now in Europe or Asia we can see and listen here in Costa Rica, almost at the moment. We must do a brief journey through the evolution of this concept of the communication between the human beings and that bring the born of the postal service. First was the talked message. The oral tradition begining at the early centuries of man and help as fundament to preserve the memory of an age in which the language beginning to articulate in the small human groups. Going to the writing, that become to formalize and to do less perishable the memory of the oral tradition, clay tablets, animal skins, stone tablets, were used to write the primigeny history.

Contact: Licda. Susy Moreno Amador  Phone: (506)410-0095      Fax:: (506)410-0095
Website: http://www.correos.go.cr  Email:
Registered: 20 September, 2006 04:32
Company Products: Commercial Services, Courier Services, Postal Services
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