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Date: 15 October 2018
Engineering Dictionary & Resources  
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  • Battery charging controls:   The circuit in Fig 1 supports portable applications in which a microprocessor controls battery charging. Step-up switching regulator IC 1 boosts V IN (5V) to supply a combination...more
  • Bluetooh Wireless Optical Desktop: The Bluetooth Wireless Optical Desktop is the latest keyboard and mouse combination from Microsoft. Providing users with feature rich functionality and control options this Wireless desktop...more
  • Books and Magazines for Robot Builders: On-Line Technical Book Stores Robotics BookShop at ProfBooks Codys Books Prentice Hall McGraw-Hill OPAMP Technical Books Addison-Wesley Computer Literacy Bookshops...more
  • D-Link DI-604: As more consumers are turning to broadband services such as DSL & Cable, ethernet broadband routers are becoming more and more popular among home users. They are not only becoming easier to...more
  • David L. Witsell, MD, MHS: Department / Division: Surgery / Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Address: DUMC 3805 Durham, NC 27710 Appointment Telephone: (919) 684-3834 or 1 (800) 385-3646 Office Telephone:...more
  • Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is the latest release from Novalogic. This game can be purchased for under $40 according to TechIMO's affiliated Resellerratings price search engine. The game runs...more
  • EasyMod CPU kits: The assembly and mounting of the evaporator that goes on the processor and the mounting kit were pretty much straight forward, on both the Intel and the AMD kits. The CPU kit is both for fastening...more
  • Eumax B605-01: Heatsinks nowadays are pretty expensive. I can spend anywhere from $25-$70 for a normal air cooling heatsink. The heatsink is without a doubt amongst the most crucial parts of the computer,...more
  • Ferroelectric material: A material capable of reversing its polarity when voltage is applied. This polarization inversion is usedin various applications such as memory and piezoelectric actuators A ferroelectic material...more
  • GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4000 Dual Channel 1GB Kit: Introduction There hasn't been much “cool” memory as of late. When Corsair released their LED laden powerhouses many months back it heralded the end of memory packaging...more
  • iAudio CW200: Introduction JetAudio Incorporated is a company involved in multimedia software and hardware. I first heard of the company with their product called “JetAudio”, a software...more
  • LapWorks 4-port USB Hub USB Ligh: Are you in need of having portable light when you are lugging around your laptop? Or do you want a light that can help you save some money when you use your home PC at night?  How about USB?...more
  • LI Utilities Speed Up My PC: LI Utility’s newest offering is called “Speed up my PC” and is designed as a maintenance and diagnostic tool for windows users. It works for many versions of windows including...more
  • Logitech Clicksmart 510: Introduction Today we’ll be focusing our undivided attention to the Logitech Clicksmart 510. This is no ordinary, off-the-shelf camera. It combines the use of a microphone, web cam,...more
  • Market-Ready Zero-Emission-Certified Hydrogen Fuel-Cell vehicles : Toyota: Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., delivered its first two market-ready hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and the University of California, Davis (UCD)...more
  • optical coupler: A device that couples signals from one circuit to another by means of electromagnetic radiation. more
  • PABX: ( P rivate A utomatic B ranch E xchange) - Differs from a PBX in that a PBX may require a live operator. Since most PBX systems are now automatic, the term is virtually synonymous with...more
  • Planetside: For years now we have had MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) such as SOE’s ever popular and ever addicting Everquest. Basically the message sole purpose of these games...more
  • process control: The regulation of process parameters to within specified target parameters through the manipulation of the control variable. more
  • Ratpadz GS: It is no secret that among gamers, a good mouse pad is a must have. Within the last year, dozens of new “gamer” mouse surfaces have sprung up from numerous resellers. Ratpadz,...more
  • Swiftech H20-8500 Series Liquid Cooling Kit: The first thought about the radiator was “That’s small!” The radiator was also blue like the water-block, however it was finished with a high-gloss acrylic paint. The radiator...more
  • Swiftech MCX462+T: Extreme cooling comes when you start looking for alternatives to simple air cooling. The second most popular cooling around has to be watercooling, the third? My personal guess is peltier...more
  • UV CCFL Fans Special: These UV cold cathode fans are a great addition to any case. These UV light and UV re-active fans are bright and can add light to dark areas or can even replace the lights you already have....more
  • X-Dreamer Silver ATX Case: These days, you find very few computers are being built with the simple beige box.  More and more, cases are adding aesthetics for their main selling points, instead of functionality, as you would...more
  • X-Trac Zoom Mouse Surface: Accuracy this pad had that, You noticed that when You used other surfaces with your cordless optical mouse, You would have to center it on the surface occasionally. Since the surface of the X-Trac...more
  • 100 PC in a granello of sand: The search in the field of the "molecular computer" is making of the truly important steps. The scenes in future a much next one will be nearly from fantascienza because powerful "microscopical"...more
  • 1080i: 1080i means that the resolution of the picture is 1,080 vertical pixels by 1,920 horizontal pixels, and i stands for interlaced scanning. Details... 1080i (pronounced "ten eighty eye") is...more
  • 1080p: 1080p means that the resolution of the picture is 1,080 vertical pixels by 1,920 horizontal pixels, and p stands for progressive scanning. Details... 1080p is the shorthand name for a...more
  • 2 stoke: The operation of a 2-stroke petrol breaks down as follows: Admission: the plunger down and discover the inlets. Fresh air and gasoline are pushed into the cylinder. Compression: the piston back...more
  • 2 time: The operation of a 2-stroke petrol breaks down as follows: Admission: the plunger down and discover the inlets. Fresh air and gasoline are pushed into the cylinder. Compression: the piston back...more
  • 2-channel Sound (Stereo): Sound recording and reproduction by more than one (mono) channel. In home music reproduction, "stereo" came to mean two channels (left and right), while in the film industry, "stereo" is...more
  • 230 films on an only DVD: It knows is invaded it from film, the closets of are full, in bedroom by now cover the walls better of the paper from tapestry. More the collectors than film are incalliti, more go encounter to...more
  • 2:2 Pull-down: A process of converting (pulling down) PAL images shot at 24 frames per second (fps), such as those in a movie, to 50-fps video signals, such as those in a TV broadcast. By converting each frame...more
  • 3-way Canterwood: Mid-April saw the much-anticipated launch of Intel's latest performance chipset, the i875P or Canterwood. Using many of the performance traits found in the Granite...more
  • 3:2 Pull-down: A process of converting (pulling down) NTSC images shot in 24 fps, such as those in a movie, to 60-fps video signals, such as those in a TV broadcast. By converting each odd-numbered frame to two...more
  • 3D Modeller: 3D Modeller   The DLR 3D Modeller is a hand-held laser range scanner which can be used to obtain accurate 3D data of any object. Read more more
  • 3G: 3G is the generation of mobile phone standards and technology, after 2G. It is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards under the International Mobile...more
  • 4 stroke: DESCRIPTION The operation of a 4-stroke gasoline engine classic breaks down as follows: Saab engine CSC ADMISSION The inlet valve is opened and the plunger down. Fresh air and gasoline cleaner....more
  • 480p: 480p means that the resolution of the picture is 480 vertical pixels by 852 horizontal pixels, and p stands for progressive scanning. Although 480p is a wide-screen format, it is not considered a...more
  • 4matic: Mercedes. 4-wheel drive transmission consists of three différenciels without autoblocant. The traction control is managed by the ESP. Of the recent 4Matic, a clutch Multidisk allows a slight...more
  • 4WD: 4 Wheel Drive. 4-wheel drive vehicle. more
  • 5 Gbyte in the pocketbook: New record in the world of storage of the digital data them. An American society of recent has introduced hard disk a great how much one most common credit card in degree but to record until 5...more
  • 5.1-channel Surround Sound: A system with five speakers and one subwoofer, each reproducing a separate audio signal. By contrast, a system that simply reproduces the same audio signal from five speakers is still monophonic....more
  • 56K OCing: Well just about every computer enthusiast has some fancy internet connection, varying from Cable to DSL to T1/T3. What about those poor souls with 56K? Yah know, that dial up, with the...more
  • 6.1-channel Surround Sound: A system with six speakers and one subwoofer, each reproducing a separate audio signal. In addition to 5.1-channel surround sound, there is an additional rear speakers positioned right behind the...more
  • 60-80mm fan adapter Special: This is a cheap way of increasing the performance of your old heatsink without putting out a lot of money. Replace your old 60mm fan with a 80mm fan and one of these adapters. They come in one...more
  • 6port Bay Bus: Virtual-Underground.com just put up a review on the 6port Bay Bus. Two thumbs up. The design is professionally done, along with the construction... quality parts were used, not a small...more
  • 6port Dual-Voltage Fanbus: Guides related to quieting your computer are popping up in every forum on the net. After reading several complaints about loud computers I rushed over to FrozenCPU.com. Why would people bother...more
  • 6x PSU roundup: As computers evolve they need more and more power to function as they are supposed to. There are many demands put on your power supply, and it is supposed to handle them to be good...more
  • 7.1-channel Surround Sound: There are three types of 7.1-channel surround sound systems: In the first, separate audio signals are recorded for all 7.1-channels, such as in Dolby Digital Plus of BD-Video. In the second, audio...more
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