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Date: 22 June 2018
Acute radiation syndrome (ARS)  

Details on Acute radiation syndrome (ARS)

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The complex of symptoms brought about by excessive exposure to radiation. ARS is the result of an acute dose; some early visible symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, followed by a predictable progression of other deterministic effects depending on the total dose. 

Serious illness that occurs when the body receives a high dose of penetrating radiation (that is, able to reach internal organs) over a short period of time (usually minutes). The earliest symptoms are nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hair loss, bleeding, swelling of the mouth and throat, and general loss of energy may follow. If the exposure has been approximately 10 Gy or more, death may occur within 2 - 4 weeks.

Acute Radiation Syndrome

Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS): An animated video of what happens to the bone marrow and key blood elements when exposed to high levels of radiation.



Bone marrow cells are the source of white blood cells, or neutrophils, necesssary for fighting infections, and platelets, necessary for blood clotting. These are the key blood elements that are at risk in Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), a condition resulting from exposure to high levels of radiation.

Bone Marrow DAMAGED


In ARS, some of these bone marrow cells will survive, while others will be damaged or destroyed. As a result, normal production of platelets and neutrophils is greatly reduced, placing the victim at risk of dying from severe bleeding and infection.

Bone Marrow REPAIRED


NEUMUNE® is intended to restore and repopulate healthy bone marrow cells when administered after radiation exposure, thereby supporting the replenishment of both neutrophils and platelets in the blood stream, and improving the chance of survival.


For more information, see CDC's fact sheet "Acute Radiation Syndrome" at

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