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Date: 26 April 2018
H1 Hydraulics Bench (Gravimetric)  

Details on H1 Hydraulics Bench (Gravimetric)

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H1 Hydraulics Bench (Gravimetric)



  • Self contained and fully mobile
  • Plastics and non-ferrous construction
  • Bench top providing ample working area
  • Push button starter
  • Range of experiments available for a complete course
  • Only service required is a single-phase electricity supply
  • Ideal service unit for student projects
  • Separate sump tank outlet facility
  • Many associated experiments are supplied with Computer Aided Learning (CAL) software
  • "A First Course in Hydraulics" supplied with many of the associated experiments
  • Two year warranty

This unit provides a recirculating water supply for a large range of TQ hydraulic experiments. The unit has been developed over a number of years to make the best use of modern materials, whilst retaining the best features of earlier models. The unit acts as a sump tank containing all the water necessary for the experiments, and the flat top of the unit provides an ideal working surface for the experiments.

The submersible pump provides a flow rate of approximately 60 litres per minute, which can be regulated using a modified control valve. Water flow passing through the experiment is measured by a gravimetric system, using a small inner tank, on a pivot arm, counter balanced by weights. By recording the time taken for the system to achieve balance, flow rate can be estimated to an accuracy of ±2%.

Experimental Equipment Available for use with the H1

    H4 Flow Through an Orifice

    H5 Venturi Meter

    H6 Flow over a Notch

    H7 Pipe Friction

    H8 Impact of a Jet

    H10 Flow Measurement

    H13 Vortex Apparatus

    H16 Losses in Pipes

    H17 Flow Channel

    H19 Pelton Turbine

    H31 Hydraulic Ram Pump

    H32 Series and Parallel Pump Test Set

    H33 Flow Through an Orifice and Jet Trajectory

    H34 Pipework Energy Losses

    H35 Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

    H36 Computerised Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

    H37 Fluidic Flowmeter

CAL Software

As part of a continuous programme of computerisation, many of these experiments are supplied complete with a dedicated TQ Computer Aided Learning Program consisting of a computer disk and a software manual. Each program provides both Tutorial (text) and Analytical (tables/graphs) sections thus leading the student clearly through the experiment and allowing data to be entered as the experiment proceeds. This data can be saved on disk for later analysis or printed for inclusion in laboratory reports. Automatic manipulation, reduction and printing of data in this way offers considerable reduction in laboratory time for both students and lecturers.

Supporting Teaching Material

A comprehensive laboratory manual covering the setting up and operation of the H1 Hydraulics Bench is supplied. A laboratory textbook entitled "A First Course in Hydraulics" by Professor E. Markland is also supplied free with this equipment.

Essential Ancillaries

A stopwatch such as the HAC10d is required to accurately time the water flow.


Sump tank capacity: 160 litres
Weigh tank capacity: 40 litres
Weights: 6 x 2kg

Pump: submersible type, 0-60 litre/min

Motor: 200W

Services Required

A three wire single phase earthed mains supply,

220/240V 50Hz or

110/120V 60Hz.

An earthed ground connection should be included for safety purposes. Please give full details of the required electrical supply when ordering the H1 Bench, i.e. voltage and frequency.

Space Required

For satisfactory use of this equipment, a floor area of 2.5m x 1.5m is recommended. Experiments can be performed by students working singly or in groups of two or three.

Dimensions and Weight (Dry)

Nett: 1320 x 800 x1100mm; 80kg

Gross: 1.56m3; 120kg (approx - packed for export)

Tender Specification
Self-contained, fully mobile unit of plastic and non-ferrous construction, with gravimetric flow measurement having sump tank capacity of 160 litre and weight tank capacity 40 litre. Built-in working surface with integral rim and drain. Fully variable flow control to have separate sump tank outlet facility. Low power consumption from a single-phase supply. Comprehensive technical manual along with a laboratory textbook entitled "A First Course in Hydraulics" by Professor E. Markland are to be supplied with this equipment. Equipment to be supplied with a two year parts and labour warranty.

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