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Date: 22 April 2018
The assembly operation like whether it inspires life of, attractive - 2 foot walking robot of capital trade

The assembly operation like whether it inspires life of, attractive - 2 foot walking robot of capital trade :: 31 May, 2007

Category: Robotics | Type: Innovation & Discovery

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Capital trade June 30th, sells 2 foot walking robot “PF01 usual sale model” of 1/5 scales. You say that operational characteristic and the performance which are superior with loading the gyro sensor which does robot self balance revision and using etc the lithium polymer battery which was developed anew, were actualized. Takashi Satoshi Takahashi who is one person of the robot chestnut thornback tar which represents Japan takes charge the design of the character suit. Furthermore the same product, assembling the part of 100, or more has become the kit product which it makes. The first year shipment schedule quantity has made 300 units, as for price 199,500 Yen.
In the same product, robot private actuator “KRS-4024S HV” (Kondo science) you adopt because the smooth movement is made to actualize. The lithium polymer battery which was developed in exclusive use is used in power. The battery builds in the temperature sensor in order to evade the danger such as ignition and ignition, also the safe aspect is considered.

The touch sensor (1,575 Yen in schedule price) and the human impression sensor (8,400 Yen in schedule price), the distance sensor (6,300 Yen in schedule price), audio unit (schedule price 16,800 Yen) and the like you prepare in the one for extensions. If audio unit is added, it is possible to play back the sound of 50 patterns which the user records (it does sound recording job with the personal computer and the like). In addition, in order to load various sensors, the sensor board being necessary, schedule price has reached 21,000 Yen. Sale of the finished product there is no schedule, only kit sale. After the assembling, using the attachment software, it works by the fact that it installs the motion which it drew up on the personal computer.

The same company commemorates the sale of the [manoi] PF01 usual sale model, at Tokyo Chiyoda Ku holding reporter concert. As product demonstration is done, you could do the product explanation by Takashi Satoshi the Takahashi of Masanari Okamoto of the same company robot group manager and the robot chestnut thornback tar.

“As for product feature, there is a point which you can customize in your own sufficient [manoi] with the option which is prepared abundantly”, that Okamoto. “Not only the existing robot fan, 訴 seeking we would like to keep doing even in the baby boom generation has familiarity in robot animation”, that it has done.

In addition Takahashi “is not the robot where mechanic characteristic is emphasized, by the fact that it finishes in the lux which is approachable, we would like to expand the fan layer of the robot”, that the aim in the design aspect was explained.
The same company precedes the latest sale, the preceding sale model (limited color edition) sells on April 1st. The limited 150 unit becomes same complete sale, says that height of popularity was made to ask.

News Inside News :

Substance size (at the time of character suit installing)
Total height 400mm
Weight Approximately 2,000g
Load arm 150mm
Length of foot 200mm
Chest enclosure 355mm
Shoulder length 180mm
Head outer circle 390mm

In The Images-
1. PF01 usual sale model”
2 & 3.As for the same product which consists of the part of 100 or more, kit sale. First, from assembly operation
4.If the human impression sensor is loaded, perceiving the human, it can evade collision. With demonstration “when above this it advances, it strikes”, that [manoi] warned
5.Three axial accelerating sensor (8,400 Yen in option schedule price) with, inverting, [manoi] you stand up personally
6.New Masanari Okamoto of the capital trade robot group manager who has the lithium polymer battery which was developed in the hand
7.Takashi Satoshi Takahashi of [robogarejirobotsutokurieita]. The kyoto university engineering department physical manufacture subject mechatronics laboratory soldier/finishing. The robot which the same person produces being chosen “invention of American TIME magazine in 2004
8.The control board loading “RCB-3HV”. Also the receiver of the radio is visible, but this means to load onto back side
9.With PF01 this is used 3. As for capacity there is also 1,250mAh, the weight 1 approximately 45g and, trying having, is very light
10.The inside of the head has become empty, future, the camera is loaded here, when it is thought kind of that, is

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