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Date: 20 September 2018
Ultra High Speed, Full-Featured

Ultra High Speed, Full-Featured :: 25 February, 2007

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Galil’s recently released DMC-40x0 Ethernet motion controller is already creating quite a buzz in the motion control industry because of its supercharged performance.
This new product extends the sporty Accelera controller family, which represents Galil’s 5th generation motion controllers. Based on a RISC processor, Accelera controllers
provide ultra high-speed with 40 microsecond command processing, 32 kHz servo update rates, and acceptance of encoder inputs up to 22MHz. In addition to its high speed capabilities, the new
DMC-40x0 controller is a full-featured, self-contained, packaged controller that includes all the bells and whistles.
These features include: optically isolated inputs and outputs for interface to external sensors, high power outputs for driving brakes and relays, analog inputs, dual encoder inputs for each axis, and plenty of program memory for storing application programs. Plus, the DMC-40x0 handles virtually any mode of motion with ease and can operate
stand-alone or interface with a computer via Ethernet 10/100Base-T or RS232.
The DMC-40x0 also provides precise control of a variety of motors including brush servos, brushless servos, steppers,
and piezo ceramic motors. It can be easily connected to external motor drives of any size and power range or, Galil offers a range of multi-axis drives which are contained
within the controller package. By packaging Galil drives with the controller, users can realize a dramatic reduction in space, cost and wiring.

As a combined controller and drive unit, the DMC-
40x0 comes in an extremely compact package that measures
just 8.1” x 7.25” x 1.72” for the 4-axis unit and 11.5” x 7.25”
x 1.72” for the 8-axis unit. Galil’s current offering of multiaxis
drives includes: AMP-43040 4-axis 500 W servo drives,
AMP-43140 4-axis 20W servo drives, SDM-44040 4-axis
1.4A stepper drives, and SDM-44140 4-axis 3A microstepping
drives. Table 1 shows the current drive options for the
Since the new DMC-40x0 uses the same easy-to-use programming language as prior generation Galil controllers, conversion to the new generation is quick and easy. Plus,
Galil’s WSDK servo design software further simplifies system set-up with “one-button” servo tuning and display of actual position and velocity information. Additionally, the DMC-40x0 accepts power from a
single DC power source between 20-80 VDC and features D-type connectors for easy interface to controller inputs
and outputs. It is also available in one through eight axis configurations, which enables the user to purchase only the
number of axes required for the application.
Galil’s DMC-40x0 controller and drives are now in full release and available for immediate shipment. Galil’s product catalog has
been updated for 2007 with
comprehensive technical specifications
and pricing on all their
motion controllers and drives,
including the new Accelera Series.
To receive a free 2007 catalog, call
Galil at 800-377-6329 or go to
The 96-page catalog features
Galil’s popular Ethernet and PCI
motion controllers, which are available
in both Econo and Accelera versions.
The Accelera Series represents Galil’s
newest generation of motion controllers,
which is designed to provide
the highest speed and performance
while processing commands 10 times
faster than prior generation controllers.
In addition to the new DMC-40x0
Ethernet Accelera box-level controller, the 2007 catalog covers the DMC-18x6 PCI Accelera card-level controller.
Complete details can be found on Galil’s very cost-effective Econo series, which includes the DMC-21x3 Ethernet
Controllers and the DMC-18x2 Econo PCI controllers.

Model Motor # of
Number Type Axes Current Voltage
AMP-43020 Servo 2 7A cont,10A peak 20-80 VDC
AMP-43040 Servo 4 7A cont,10A peak 20-80 VDC
AMP-43140 Servo 4 1A max +/-12-30 VDC
SDM-44040 Stepper 4 1.4A/phase 12-30 VDC
SDM-44140 Microstep 4 3A/phase 12-60 VDC
Table 1. Plug-in Drive Options for DMC-40x0
Galil Motion Control, Inc. 3750 Atherton Road • Rocklin, CA 95765 USA • 800-377-6329 • Phone: 916-626-0101 • Fax: 916-626-0102 •

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