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Date: 22 April 2018
CCTV Aircraft Security  
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CCTV Aircraft Security

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CCTV Aircraft Security

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Product Description

AD Aerospace and AEI provide you with a comprehensive CCTV Aircraft Surveillance Solution, FlightVu, that meets ICAO standards. Over 160 aircraft have already successfully been fitted with the FlightVu camera system.

AEI provides the system integration design, obtains FAA certification approval and coordinates overall system Program Management. All FlightVu camera security solutions receive FAA/EASA approval and are fully certified to DO160D and D-178B to assure reliability and safety.

AD Aerospace is an ISO and JAA approved designer of the FlightVu CCTV camera system. Combined with its parent company, AD Holding, AD Aerospace has over 20 years of experience in the innovative CCTV design.
The FlightVu CDMS consists of one to three CCTV cameras linked to a LCD monitor mounted in the cockpit pedestal. With the monitor located forward of the pilots, the flight crew experiences real-time video surveillance of cabin area without even turning in their seats. Discrete CCTV cameras are equipped with low-profile color coordinated housings. Infrared Illuminators inside the cameras allow for full monitoring in the dark.

Company Details

Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc. (AEI) is a Build-To-Print and Contract Manufacturer, providing quality, cost-effective product and service solutions to the defense and military manufacturing sector.

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