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Date: 21 May 2018
Audio Integration Units (AIU)  
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Audio Integration Units (AIU)

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Audio Integration Units (AIU)

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Product Description

AEI's avionics manufacturing facility can develop and produce a multitude of standard and custom aircraft boxes. We offer an AEI design or the boxes may be generated using a customer supplied custom design.

AIU - Audio Integration Units
Avionics Interface Units
Emergency Battery
Cockpit Control Panels
Engraved Cockpit Lighted Panels (Overlays)

Audio Integration Units (AIU)
AEI's design for an Audio Integration Unit was developed as a low cost retrofit solution that allows multiple audio inputs to aircraft audio speaker systems.

In today's cockpit environment, more and more audio outputs are required to facilitate warnings from such systems as Forward Looking Windshear Radar, Reactive Windshear, TCAS, and EGPWS. Unfortunately, most "classic" airframe cockpits were not designed with today's audio requirements in mind.

AEI has developed a low cost solution, which can accept up to 3 inputs with one output. The AIU ties directly into the cockpit audio system, which allows audio through the existing speakers and flight crew headsets. All this without requiring expensive re-designs of the audio system.

The AIU is a stand-alone unit designed for easy mounting anywhere inside the pressurized vessel and has been PMA'd on a variety of commercial airframes. AEI's Audio Integration Unit is currently in use by a number of major air carriers. TSO Application is pending.

Company Details

Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc. (AEI) is a Build-To-Print and Contract Manufacturer, providing quality, cost-effective product and service solutions to the defense and military manufacturing sector.

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