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Date: 21 May 2018
Small Hydro Generators  
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Small Hydro Generators

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Small Hydro Generators

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Product Description

Small standard hydro generators are defined as three-phase synchronous
electrical machines for coupling to hydroelectric turbines - either with
direct coupling type or via speed-up gear box. Our modular approach to small hydro generators offers:

  • early definition of the generator characteristics
  • pre-engineering of the main machine components
  • manufacturing processes similar to series type production
  • short delivery cycles
  • easy installation and start-up
  • fast availability of spare parts on short notice.

These generators provide the following features:

  • ratings up to 50 MVA / 600 rpm
  • mounting: vertical or horizontal
  • voltages: normally between 3 and 15 kV
  • cooling: open or closed circuit (air / air-water)
  • excitation system: static or brushlessavailable as standalone products,
    our small hydro generators can also be supplied as part of a complete mini
    hydro solution.

Company Details

In terms of orders, presence and multicultural diversity we are the most international of the world's leading suppliers.

With over 45,000 people in more than 70 countries, we are able to combine our global expertise with extensive... more

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