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Date: 18 June 2018
DLP® HDTVs: Bring games to life  
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DLP® HDTVs: Bring games to life

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DLP® HDTVs: Bring games to life

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Product Description

Games have come a long way since the introduction of the first home game console back in the early '70s. Today's games offer complex environments, rendered in meticulous detail. For this reason, many of today's hottest games are designed to perform best in high-definition. HDTV powered by DLP® technology allows you to take advantage of new advances in game technology so you can truly immerse yourself in the rich environments of all the latest games. Televisions and projectors powered by DLP® technology fully support the latest in game technology, for the highest-quality game experience.

The all-digital DLP® chip with more than a million microscopic mirrors delivers a precise, crystal-clear and lifelike image. Small details become razor-sharp, allowing you to feel totally immersed in the game. How? The ultra-fast DLP® chip has an unparalleled 16-microsecond pixel response time, making it ideal for the action-packed and fast-moving scenes found in games and sports. HDTVs powered by DLP® technology deliver stunning images with truly accurate color, and DLP® technology is capable of extremely high contrast ratios (up to 12,000:1), resulting in crisper whites, ultra-rich blacks and images that "pop" on-screen. To support the next generation of high-definition games, DLP® 1080p technology delivers more than 2 million pixels on-screen with full 1920 x 1080 resolution, the highest available.
More HDTV for your money.

DLP® HDTVs deliver a stunning picture and a bigger screen for the same price as plasma and flat-panel LCDs. Best of all, unlike CRT and plasma, DLP® technology is insusceptible to burn-in. DLP® HDTV simply has no tube, phosphor or other elements to burn in, so you can play games for hours without damaging the screen.

Company Details

Few companies can match the 75-year record of innovations from the inventive minds at Texas Instruments. These advances include such world-changing innovations as the first integrated circuit and the first electronic handheld calculator.

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