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Date: 20 May 2018
AgGPS FieldManager display  
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AgGPS FieldManager display

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AgGPS FieldManager display

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Product Description

The AgGPS FieldManager display integrates seamlessly with the Autopilot automated guidance system. Thanks to the robust 10.4 inch touch-screen and comprehensive software with 3D view, the FieldManager display is very easy to learn and use ... and it is built to withstand the extremes of agriculture. 

The pre-loaded software provides GPS guidance, automated steering controls, multiple field patterns, and record-keeping. And due to it's seamless integration with the Autopilot system, diagnostics, configuration, and calibration are easy to perform right from the display - no need for external software. Eye catching and robust - it's the next generation display from Trimble that will save you time in the cab, and dollars in input costs. 
3D view shows in-field perspective 
color-coded coverage logging displays at-a-glance where you've been and any skips or overlaps 
10.4 inch color touch-screen display, readable in direct sunlight and at night 
available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese 
rugged design for extreme temperatures and humidity 
all data stored on CompactFlash data cards in Shapefile format 
integrates seamlessly with the AgGPS Autopilot system

Company Details

Little did Charlie Trimble and two others from Hewlett-Packard know they were creating an entire industry when they founded Trimble in 1978 above the old Los Altos theatre in Silicon Valley. But that's just what they did. 

From its... more

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