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Date: 22 June 2018
AgGPS 214 High Accuracy Receiver  
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AgGPS 214 High Accuracy Receiver

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AgGPS 214 High Accuracy Receiver

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Product Description

Centimeter-accurate, dual-frequency RTK receiver for guidance applications 

The AgGPS 214 High Accuracy Topographic mapping system can be used with AgGPS MultiPlane for design of subsurface water management systems. The AgGPS 214 uses GPS instead of a laser transmitter, increasing operational range in both distance and large elevation changes. The data is collected as an ESRI shape file, a common data exchange format, making it simple for the user to use a range of Agricultural mapping software. AgGPS MultiPlane easily reads the data collected with the AgGPS 214 Topographic mapping system. 
advanced centimeter-level precision RTK receiver for high accuracy agricultural applications 
external CMR or RTCM correction input (requires a base station to transmit high accuracy corrections) 
positioning based on dual-frequency carrier phase processing 
works with the AgGPS 170 Field Computer for centimeter-accurate field topographic mapping 
all field topographic data is saved directly in the popular ESRI Shapefile format 
the positioning technology used with AgGPS Autopilot

Company Details

Little did Charlie Trimble and two others from Hewlett-Packard know they were creating an entire industry when they founded Trimble in 1978 above the old Los Altos theatre in Silicon Valley. But that's just what they did. 

From its... more

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