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Date: 19 October 2018
S-310 – S-316  
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S-310 – S-316

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S-310 – S-316

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Product Description

S-310 to S-316 multi-axis tip/tilt platforms and Z-positioners are fast and compact units based on a piezo tripod design. They offer piston movement up to 12 µm and tilt movement up to 1.2 mrad (2.4 mrad optical) with sub-msec response and settling. The S-310 to S-316 systems are designed for mirrors and optics up to 25 mm diameter; the clear aperture is ideal for transmitted-light applications. The units can be mounted in any orientation.

Open / Closed-Loop Operation
In open-loop operation, the vertical position / platform angle roughly corresponds to the drive voltage (see the “Tutorial” section for behavior of open-loop piezos). The S-310 to S-315 open-loop models are ideal for applications where the position is controlled by an external loop based on data provided by a sensor (e.g. PSD, quad cell, CCD chip, ...). The S-316.10 closed-loop version allows absolute position control, high linearity and repeatability based on the internal ultra-high-resolution feedback sensor.

Working Principle
The S-310 to S-316 tilt platforms are equipped with three long-life, ceramic-encapsulated, high-performance PICMA® piezo drives.

Available Versions
Five different versions are available:


Open-loop Z-platforms; all three piezo linear actuators are electrically connected in parallel, providing vertical positioning (piston movement) of the top ring. Only one drive channel is required. The three piezo actuators are individually matched for equal displacement, providing straight motion with tilt errors of less than 70 µrad over the complete range.


Open-loop Z, tip/tilt positioners; all three piezo linear actuators can be driven individually (or in parallel) by a three-channel amplifier. Vertical (piston movement) positioning and tip/tilt positioning are possible. 

Closed-loop Z, tip/tilt positioner. All three piezo linear actuators are equipped with strain gauge position feedback sensors and can be driven individually (or in parallel) by a three-channel amplifier/position servo-controller. Vertical positioning (piston movement) and tip/tilt positioning are possible. The integrated position feedback sensors provide sub-µrad resolution and repeatability.

Higher Performance Through Parallel Kinematics
S-31x series tip/tilt systems feature a single moving platform, parallel-kinematics design. Compared to stacked, multi-axis systems, the parallel-kinematics design provides faster response and better linearity with equal dynamics for all axes in a smaller package.

Application Examples
Image stabilization 
Beam switching 
Optical filters 
Laser cavity tuning 
Laser beam stabilization 
Laser beam steering & scanning

Company Details

Where nanopositioning technology and motion control systems of the highest accuracy level are concerned, PI has been a leading supplier worldwide for many years.

Over 30 Years Experience
When PI introduced piezoelectric... more

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