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Date: 19 October 2018
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Product Description

S-330 piezo tip/tilt platforms are fast and compact tilt units, providing precise angular movements of the top platform in two orthogonal axes. The tip/tilt range is 2 mrad (equivalent to 4 mrad optical beam deflection) with sub-µrad resolution. Closed-loop versions are available for highest accuracy and repeatability. 
S-330 systems are designed for mirrors up to 50 mm diameter and have outstanding angular stability over a wide temperature range. To match the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of Zerodur glass, the S-330 is equipped with an invar top platform.

Open / Closed-Loop Operation
In open-loop operation, the platform angle roughly corresponds to the drive voltage.
The open-loop model is ideal for applications where the position is controlled by an external loop, based on data provided by a sensor (e.g. PSD, quad cell, CCD chip, etc.). 
The closed-loop version is equipped with two pairs (one per axis) of strain gauge sensors operated in a bridge circuit for ultra-high resolution and angular stability. They provide sub-µrad resolution and repeatability.

Higher Performance Through Parallel Kinematics
S-330 tip/tilt platforms feature a single moving platform, parallel-kinematics design with a common pivot point. Compared to stacked, multi-axis systems, the parallel-kinematics design provides faster re-sponse and better linearity with equal dynamics for all axes in a smaller package.

Working Principle / Lifetime
S-330 platforms are equipped with two pairs of long-life, ceramic-encapsulated, high-performance PICMA® piezo drives operating as a unit in push/pull mode. The stainless steel case is equipped with an integrated, FEA-modeled (finite element analysis) circular flexure featuring zero stiction, zero friction and exceptional guiding precision. 

Since drives and guides are frictionless and not subject to wear and tear, these units offer an exceptionally high level of reliability.

Application Examples
Image stabilization 
Laser beam stabilization 
Beam switching 
Adaptive optics systems 
Laser beam steering & scanning 
Correction of polygon scanner errors 
Interlacing, dithering

Company Details

Where nanopositioning technology and motion control systems of the highest accuracy level are concerned, PI has been a leading supplier worldwide for many years.

Over 30 Years Experience
When PI introduced piezoelectric... more

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