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Date: 15 October 2018
NanoSAM Auger Analyser  
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NanoSAM Auger Analyser

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NanoSAM Auger Analyser

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Product Description

• Dedicated lens design for combination with UHV Gemini Column
• Energy resolution 0.01% to 2%
• MCD 7 channel detector

Hemispherical electron spectrometer for Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES), and Scanning Auger Microscopy (SAM) applications. The instrument is designed for use together with the UHV Gemini high resolution electron Column on a dedicated UHV system.

Special care has been taken to optimise the shape of the lens so that a wide acceptance angle can be collected with a working distance of approx. 22 mm, adapted to the geometrical shape of the UHV GEMINI Column's objective lens . As a main advantage over conventional lens systems a unique electron deflection setup is provided by means of double octopole deflectors for compensation ofthe errors introduced by magnetic and electrostatic fields from the Gemini objective lens

The electronics and software of the analyser and the UHV Gemini electron Column are interfaced on various levels to allow for a simultaneous control of analyser and electron beam during the measurement process. Not only fast low level trigger signals enhance the capability for precise aquisition with short dwelltimes, also the user interface offers unique capabilities for the combination of an SEM Column with an AES analyser.

The analyser features an extremely fast seven-channel pulse counting detection with >70 Mcps integral count rate, and a variable slit mechanism for optimisation of the resolution. An extremely broad range of pass energies offer the flexibility to set the appropriate compromise between intensity and resolution for almost any measurement task.

Company Details

Omicron starts it's business with the presentation of the revolutionary reverse view LEED principle. 1987
Omicron develops the legendary STM 1, the companies first Scanning Tunneling Microscope 1989
Foundation of an... more

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