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Date: 15 October 2018
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Product Description

• Highest transmission
• Aberration corrected energy filter
• Available with mono X-ray source
• Resolution < 150 nm with synchrotron
• Multiple operating modes: PEEM, Imaging XPS, Small Spot Spectroscopy

Imaging ESCA with 650 nm Resolution In a close cooperation with the University of Mainz, the University of the Saarland and Focus GmbH we have developed an Imaging XPS instrument that is capable of a resolution in the range of 100 nm and below - the NanoESCA. It consists of a Photo Emission Electron Microscope (PEEM) with a large angular acceptance and an aberration-corrected energy filter. The latter includes a combination of two hemispherical analysers (patent
pending).The microscope allows imaging with chemical contrast (Imaging ESCA) by energy filtering of photoelectron images at kinetic energies up to 1.6 keV. As an additional effect, the spatial resolution of the images is enhanced by reduction of the chromatic aberrations, even when using threshold photoemission. The instrument was characterised with laboratory (AlKα, He I etc.) and synchrotron (Bessy II) excitation sources. The spatial resolution limit measured in imaging ESCA mode at Bessy II is about 150 nm. The excellent performance of the prototype instrument is easily demonstrated at the synchrotron due to the high beam brightness. It is further planned to combine the NanoESCA with a small spot X-ray monochromator as a second step to achieve similar results in the laboratory environment as well. The measured energy resolution corresponds to the theoretical calculations and is equivalent to a single hemispherical analyser.

Company Details

Omicron starts it's business with the presentation of the revolutionary reverse view LEED principle. 1987
Omicron develops the legendary STM 1, the companies first Scanning Tunneling Microscope 1989
Foundation of an... more

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