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Date: 21 May 2018
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Product Description

New Technologies Bring New Innovation
In recent years, great strides have taken place within the metallurgic community
to produce exotic alloys offering very specific properties.

RAM Universal are amongst the front runners when it comes to exploring these
advantages, culminating in the development of teh RAMseal high performance ball

With this product, we can offer a valve suitable for elivated temperature of up
to 550 degrees C. The valve incorporates the unique RAMseal pre-loaded metal.
diaphram seat, to give bubble tight shut off in excess of 80,000 cycles!

RAMseal a Valve for All Applications Due to the simplicity of the design and
construction, the RAMseal valve is available in all forms that you would expect
from any other valve type, the RAMseal is just as at home whether manual,
actuated or used as a control valve, an area where metal seats have been
traditional for many years.

Government Recognition

The RAMseal valve design was selected from over 20,000 new ideas vying for the
governemtns prestigious 'SMART' award for innovation, with this backing RAM were
able to develop this unique valve and secure patents around the world.

The saying 'sometimes the simplest ideas are the best' certainly bears fruit
with the RAMseal valve. The seat in its most basic form, is a metal disc pressed
into the shape of a cone, a special treatment gives the cone flexible 'memory'
and as the ball rotates on the seat it changes its shape to keep a continuous
surface contact, so what ever the pressure or the temperature, the valve keeps a
bubble tight shut off!

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