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Date: 23 April 2018
Advantage 900 Brick CNC Systems Package  
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Advantage 900 Brick CNC Systems Package

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Advantage 900 Brick CNC Systems Package

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Product Description

The Advantage 900/Geo Brick CNC package is setting the latest trend in CNC control technology. The highly integrated Geo Brick controller plus amplifier module greatly simplifies machine integration by reducing many of the components found in a traditional CNC cabinet such as cabling, connectors, etc.

This advanced technology not only reduces the initial cost of the equipment and integration but also significantly improves the reliability of the components because of their highly integrated design.
Advantage 900 Operator Control Panel
Industrial Motherboard with 2.0Ghz Pentium 4 Processor (Field Upgradeable)
WindowsXP Professional Operating System
40GB Hard Drive
15 LCD Panel w/1024x678 XGA Resolution (Touch Screen Optional)
Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Angle (Sealed Keyboard Optional)
USB2.0 (6 Ports)
On Board RS232/RS485
On Board LAN - 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Input Voltage - 90 ~ 264 VAC Full Range (24VDC Optional)
1 ½ NPT Swivel Mount, Top or Bottom

Geo Brick Controller/Amplifier Controller Features
4-8 Axis Programmable Servo Motor Amplifier
USB2.0, Ethernet or ModBus for expanded I/O
36-bit position range (± 64 billion counts)
S-curve acceleration and deceleration
Dual Feedback Capability
32 inputs fully-protected and isolated
16 thermal-fuse protected outputs
Flexible outputs allow for sinking or sourcing of current
Primary feedback - TTL differential/single-ended Quadrature, 10 MHz cycle rate, and Hall-effect inputs
Axis I/O includes - HOME, POSITIVE/NEGATIVE Limits, configurable USER Input, and EQU compare flags for first four axes

Amplifer Features
Microprocessor Supervisor
Model Number in PROM for Easy Setup Tool
No Analog Circuits
Advanced Protection Features:
Integral I2t
Shunt RMS
Fast Short Circuit
kW Limit and I2t automatically 
Auto Line Detection & Monitor - adjust
IGBT Temperature in the die
Drive Status Available to PMAC Programs
Bus Voltage
IGBT Temperature
Fault Status
Fault History
Universal AC input 97-265VAC or DC operation from 12VDC to 340VDC
Integral 4-Axis servo amplifier delivering 5A cont./10A Peak per Axis
Two contacts for shunt regulator resistor termination (Connector type is locking style)
Four locking connector contacts for 3-phase AC output power and earth ground terminations

Amplifier Ratings
Output Current:
5 Arms Continuous, 10 Arms Peak (2 seconds)
8 Arms Continuous, 16 Arms Peak Availability
Output Power:
1247 watts per axis
Input Current: 21 Arms @ 240 VAC Input
Input Power:
5250 watts (total for 4 axes)
Universal AC input 97-265 VAC or DC operation from 12VDC to 340VDC

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