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Date: 18 June 2018
Aerosol Spray Can TEXTISOL  
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Aerosol Spray Can TEXTISOL

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Aerosol Spray Can TEXTISOL

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Product Description

Multifunctional lubricant, naturally clean, applicable for all the fields of
activities. Excellent resistance to gumming. Applicable on all metals, plastics
and elastomers. Assures an excellent lubrication and suitable for assembly
operations, stripping or cutting stamping. Fluid product, with an excellent
surface tension . Stable product, odourless, colourless, for use in food
environment or food contact. Because all components of this formulation appear
on CODEX or in the authorized materials list according to the 1227 brochure; the
user can apply it for stripping or lubrication in permanent or accidental
contact with food without condition.
a Lubrication of SULZER machines.
a Sizing of threads.
a Lubrication of reels, wrap winding engines, thread guide.
a Assembly of O-ring joints, dynamic or static joints.
a Assembly of seals on swirl pots.
a Lubrication of elastomers and rubbers.
a Light alloys stripping.
a Assembly of elastomers on metal supports.
a Gilding of pneumatics on conveyors.
a Cables internal lubrication.
a Nylon stringing lubrication.
a Telescopic mechanisms lubrication.
a Snails and buttons lubrication for horology industries.
a Photographic, reproduction, office equipments lubrication.
a Cutting and stamping of precise pieces.
a Clamping collar, rivet axis, ply doubling lubrication.
a Screw factory, axis, rod assembly, slides of Venetian blind, roller blinds.
a Locks, hinges.
a Surgical instruments, hospital equipments lubrication.
a Condensed powders stripping.
a Manufacturing of chemicals, encapsulation.
a Food, rusks stripping.
a Precise mechanisms, domestic appliance material lubrication.
a Treatment of air filters.
a Shell and contact low voltage protection.
a Meters, switchs, relays lubrication.
a Pulley, zip lubrication

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