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Date: 25 May 2018
Aerosol Spray Can DETECT B  
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Aerosol Spray Can DETECT B

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Aerosol Spray Can DETECT B

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Product Description

This detector has been developed to make any tests possible by professionals.
Its formula was developed within the framework of an ideal operation for a great
sensitivity, but also for macroleaks requiring a very strong surface tension.
Usable on all gases except on pure oxygen. The fluids, liquid or gas, even
without pressure, have the property to try to escape from the device in which
they are locked up, especially if this device has discontinuities, even very
weak. It generates a leak. The impermeability of a device is thus its capacity
to prevent the passage of the fluid. This function is actually more easily
defined, by its reverse, which is the permeability in general, that is to say
the defect which a device containing has to let escape its contents.
There are two sorts of impermeabilities:
- voluminal impermeability: in relation with continuous surfaces of the
- impermeability of an assembly or a connection: in relation with the joint
of two continuous surfaces, distributed between the static impermeabilities and
the dynamic impermeabilities, in translation or rotation.
It is necessary to notice that a theoretically perfect impermeability
(especially with gases) is impossible to obtain, because of their particular
molecular nature. Absolute impermeability is an unrealistic expression, and it
should be prohibited. High impermeability degrees can be defined in three
classes: rigorous, relative, control. This detector allows the measurement of
all gas leakages, and uses the general methods requiring no particular
equipment. This method is said to the bubble by pulverization. Except the cost
of a control compared to the investment, it has the advantage of being highly
reliable and of making it possible to the user to intervene anywhere. Moreover
this detector has an excellent sensitivity. It should be noted that in this
extreme case, the pressure in the bubble is appreciably close to the atmospheric
pressure, but it can start to be formed only if the pressure at the exit of the
escape is sufficient, to overcome the forces of surface tension.


Screwing assemblies
LT Batteries
 Crimped connections

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