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Date: 22 April 2018
A210 Mobilephone  
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A210 Mobilephone

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A210 Mobilephone

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Product Description

A210 Mobilephone
The A210 is a compact and light mobile equipped with a Messaging Illumination, the new fun way to communicate using light effects. 
What’s more, it comes complete with emoticons, a set of pictographic symbols that are easy to input. 
The A210 really brings text messaging to life, making it more fun than ever.


Dimensions 90 x 44 x 16.5 mm
Weight 71 g
Volume 51 cc
Talk Time 2.5 to 9.5 hours*
Standby Time 75 to 230 hours*
Charging Time Up to 150 mins
Display Size 128 x 128 pixels colour
Colours White/Red, White/Champagne-Gold, Silver
Frequency 900/1800 MHz
Standard Kit Contents Handset + 730mAh Li-ion Battery + Charger +
Operating Instructions
*Talk and standby time will be
dependent upon network conditions, SIM card usage, and battery
Features Slim Compact and Stylish Design
65k CSTN Colour LCD
Messaging Illumination
Emoticon - Pictrographic Characters
Internal Antenna
WAP 2.0 Browser
GPRS (class8)
16 Polyphonic Ring Tones
Preset Game
7 Colours LED
Vibration Alert
T9® Text Input
Desktop Handsfree
Phone Book Memory 400 + SIM
Key pad backlight (Blue)
Digital Clock Display
Currency Converter
World Clock

Specifications are subject to change without notice. The
availability of certain features may be dependent on the manner in which the
telephone is used or installed. Kindly refer to your dealer for details.
Performance of the telephone is subject to the coverage and availability of
service provided by your chosen network operator.



Battery  EB-BSA210
This rechargeable battery
will provide you with additional power.

Travel Charger  EB-CAA210
Use this adaptor to charge your phone
wherever you are.


Personal Handsfree  EB-EMG70
Keeps your handsfree while on the move.

Company Details

In 1918, Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of our company, rented a two-story home, establishing Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing Works on the first floor.
With this larger workshop, Konosuke was able to expand production to include... more

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