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Date: 20 May 2018
4" Submersible Turbine Pumps Overview  
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4" Submersible Turbine Pumps Overview

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Product Description

Since the mid 1950s, FE Petro’s parent company, Franklin
Electric, has been involved in the design and manufacture of submersible motors
for use in pumping motor liquids. Building on this extensive history, FE Petro
has contributed innovative product designs for submersible pumps throughout the
1990s, and into the 21st Century. Marketers concerned about fueling times,
efficiency, serviceability, reliability and overall quality find it an easy
choice to specify FE Petro. Consider these unique FE Petro features to improve
the profitability of your retail operations.
Design Highlights/Advantages

  • Faster Fueling Times - With innovations like MagShell™,
    FE Petro sets the standard for submersible pump performance. FE Petro
    turbines fuel cars faster during peak business hours due to higher pump
    performance. One reason your customers will keep coming back.

  • Active Air Eliminator - FE Petro comes standard with
    active air elimination, which eliminates air through the highest point in
    the pump head at all times when the pump is running. High point air
    elimination assures air does not pass into discharge piping avoiding various
    issues related to air in the piping system. Active air elimination insures
    air is removed at all times without requiring any outside intervention.

  • Safety & Ease in Maintenance - FE Petro STP’s
    include a contractor electrical disconnect, which requires loosening of only
    (1) bolt. This feature allows motor wiring to be disconnected without
    venting the dangerous tank vapors into the sump when servicing the FE Petro

  • Simple Servicing - If ever required, the pump can be
    easily removed from the tank by unthreading three bolts, there is no need to
    disconnect the siphon system, or remove the leak detector from the system to
    service the STP, reducing the risk of correcting one problem and causing

  • Manual Pressure Relief - A standard FE Petro feature.
    When necessary during maintenance to bleed line pressure to zero, a vent
    screw is provided. By turning this screw, product is diverted back to the
    tank, dropping line pressure to zero, Reducing fuel discharged into the sump
    manhole or dispenser pan during servicing, further protecting service
    technicians and the environment.

  • Reliable Check Valve - The STP uses FE Petro’s proven
    line check valve. At 2-3/4” (70mm) in diameter, this valve reduces
    pressure loss at high flow rates, resulting in faster fueling times. FE
    Petro check valve is proven to seal. You can avoid purchasing additional
    check valves when the STP is used with some popular electronic line leak
    detectors because of this proven reliability.

  • Variable Length - One pump fi ts 94% of all known tank
    diameters and tank bury depths combinations. Two other model lengths are
    available to handle installations shorter or longer than this range. The
    telescoping connection is patented by FE Petro. Pump length is set at the
    job site by making one simple measurement and setting the pump length. All
    in about 20 minutes and without affecting the UL listing of the pump.

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