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Date: 26 April 2018
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Product Description

Gurit has been supplying patented advanced composite materials into the automotive and autosport sectors since 2000, working with some of the largest niche sport car manufacturers in Europe. 

In its newly built facility based at its UK site on the Isle of Wight, Gurit produces affordable, high quality, Class-A advanced composite body closures for the automotive industry.

Following on from the success of the project ‘ALBOS’ (Affordable Lightweight Body Systems), a DTI and DfT funded development project coordinated by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, Gurit have taken the next step in the supply chain and entered into the Automotive Tier 1 Supplier market.

Gurit's experience and involvement in the advanced composite industry sets Gurit aside from other composite automotive Tier 1 suppliers. As Gurit manufacture materials in-house they have control over the entire part manufacturing process from raw fibres and resin used to make CBS and SPRINT, all the way through to a final completed painted assembly. Gurit's experienced engineering design team and technical team ensure Gurit have all the requirements to be a full service supplier to the automotive industry.

Gurit’s continual development in automotive composites has been recognised recently with Gurit being awarded the Bond Pearce Innovation Award at the Hampshire Business Awards ceremony.
Gurit’s goal is to be the market leader in each of its business sectors by continuing to develop new technologies. Gurit has entered into advanced composite part manufacture with key developments and technologies in both its materials and its manufacturing process.
Gurit have supplied advanced composites into the autosport and automotive industry for both structural components and Class-A body closures since 2000. Working closely with customers as well as entering into development partnerships with companies including DuPont and 3M, Gurit has continued to stay at the forefront of advanced composite materials for the automotive industry.

Gurit has developed a new generation of impregnated materials that enable fast lay-up and out-of-autoclave curing. Both structural and body closure materials utilise Gurit’s patented SPRINT® technology.
CFRP Automotive panel technology has been available now for some time as a crossover from motorsport although many solutions have been proposed to expand their use into a broader market. Although occasionally used on OEM programs, in the past they have been restricted to mainly niche supercars.

Gurit has solved many of the perceived barriers for using advanced composite body closures in production cars, one of the biggest being quality. Composite parts must meet both the build quality and surface quality of traditional metal parts.
Global Insurance:
Gurit understands the importance of developing relationships with its customers and being able to respond rapidly to their needs. To ensure this is possible Gurit has committed to manufacturing locally to its customer base. As a result Gurit has a number of manufacturing and development facilities located throughout the world.


Being the leader in the wind energy market Gurit has great experience in shipping large quantities of materials around the world, through a combination of outsourced and in-house logistics. Gurit utilises the network of the company to supply parts or services to every corner of the globe

Secure Supply

The automotive parts manufacturing business is supported by a number of other business sectors within Gurit. The materials manufactured in-house for Gurit’s automotive Class-A body closures share the same raw materials as the materials developed for use in Gurit’s other business sectors. This ensures a secure supply of raw materials for the part manufacturing business.
Traditionally the choice of material for a car body panel has been set by the different up front costs of certain tooling methods and piece costs of the panel production. In the past the use of low cost tooling and high cost composite processing with autoclaves has restricted the use of advanced composites to very short runs below 250 parts p.a.

Gurit's developments in both tooling and material processing have increased this threshold so that light-weight high quality surface panels can be considered economically viable for vehicle build rates up to 3000 parts per annum.

Company Details

SP, IMS, Stesalit and Gurit Suprem have become a single entity to the global composites market. Called Gurit, this group represents an entirely restructured organisation focused entirely on meeting the needs of the customer. As such the separate... more

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