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Date: 21 May 2018
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Product Description

Since its inception, the value of a dedicated prototyping group to the company’s research and technology capability has grown steadily and now forms the focus of manufacturing process and product development. 

For many years Gurit has been at the forefront of developments in advanced composite materials, associated processing technologies and the engineering of composite structures and has long understood the benefits in promoting cross-functional collaboration between these separate groups.

Combining all of Gurit's technical strengths and know-how provides the ultimate in composite consultancy. To maximise this potential Gurit’s prototyping facility was set up in 2001 to replicate a manufacturing environment in which practical and controlled research and development could be undertaken. This allowed, for the first time, Gurit’s Technology department to bring together its three key competencies operating as one seamless multi-disciplinary team. 

The prototyping facility has the objective to provide services to all structural composite customers and as a consequence an ability to prototype virtually any structure imaginable.

Both internal and externally funded prototyping projects have been undertaken in all of Gurit’s three key business sectors: Transportation; Marine, Sport & Civil Engineering; and Wind Energy but the advantages of this approach to developing optimised manufacturing solutions have also quickly been realised within numerous other markets.

Gurit engineering staff have expertise in many specialist subjects including: marine technology, aerospace structures / engines, automotive engineering, process plant, offshore engineering, subsea technology and pipelines, fire, blast and impact protection, building services, mechanical engineering and machinery.

This capability enables us to easily transfer our composites knowledge to new fields of application, and increasingly results in our selection as a key partner for clients’ critical development projects.
Experience has demonstrated that small scale or laboratory trials do not allow the accurate replication of the true production environment. This can result in unexpected delays during manufacture when it is found necessary to carry out development of certain production processes which were expected to produce satisfactory results.

Whilst composite technology enables designers to achieve what is impractical with conventional materials, such solutions are often either not realised at all, or are poorly realised due to the designer’s unfamiliarity with this evolving materials science. At Gurit, we use an integrated approach, where design, engineering, materials selection and construction process are analysed and optimised to ensure the result is a cost effective composite solution. This approach is further strengthened by our additional capability of prototyping virtually any structure or product imaginable.

As composites technology often represents unknown territory to many customers, the prototyping process can provide an invaluable learning opportunity, prior to engaging the technology completely. Gurit is able to support this process by providing expert help in every area, in-house.
ince its inception in 2001, our prototyping facility is constantly being expanded and has a team of experienced engineers dedicated to it on a full time basis.

Our present facility is located a short distance from the main Gurit UK site.
This new site incorporates specialist ovens and completely adaptable air conditioned floor space. This allows us the flexibility we need whilst reviewing new markets for advanced composites and the larger facility will be key to supporting these. 

We tailor the services we provide to suit the needs of each client or project, and these may be provided individually or within one seamless package, effectively managed through a single point of contact.

We Undertake:
Prototyping - any product or structure on virtually any scale
Product development programme - committing a wealth of expertise to the satisfaction of the client’s specification
Development of manufacturing methodology - using our experience to provide a cost effective and high quality product
Determination of production quality standards - tailored to suit the laminate specification, the manufacturing process and the performance criteria of the end product
Provision of manufacturing quality manuals - helping the manufacturer produce a high quality component
Production support and quality verification - providing validation of material properties in the production environment, and on-site advice and quality assurance by specialists throughout the production process
Testing and/or specification of test programmes to demonstrate structural integrity - mechanical, analytical and environmental testing
Proof testing and trials - an essential ingredient in final commissioning

So whatever the project, or even an idea, try us first for unbiased professional and common-sense advice. There's simply no-one more qualified.
The two questions most frequently asked by customers who bring new projects to us are: “How much will it cost?” and “What will it weigh?” 

What makes these questions so difficult to answer is that they are most often asked before any engineering has been undertaken, and certainly before the selection of a manufacturing method. None-the-less, they are often questions to which even approximate answers need to be provided before a project can be taken by the client even to the conceptual design stage.

To enable answers to be provided, we first have to be provided with a certain amount of other information. Typically, as appropriate, most important first:
What are the overall dimensions?
What is the surface area?
What is the finish required to be - inside/outside?
Does it need to be fire retardant? 
Are there any restrictions or limits of deflection or deformation?
How is it supported?
What loads are going to be applied to it?
Where is it going to be located - indoors or out of doors?
If out of doors - where, exactly?
Will it be exposed to any special conditions of temperature, or to any particular chemicals?
What is it’s planned life?
Is the item subject to any particular design or other codes of practice, or standards?

Given at least some of the above information we are able, based on experience and using in-house software, to provide sensible answers to these two key questions. If you need assistance, contact us.

Company Details

SP, IMS, Stesalit and Gurit Suprem have become a single entity to the global composites market. Called Gurit, this group represents an entirely restructured organisation focused entirely on meeting the needs of the customer. As such the separate... more

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