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Date: 19 October 2018
Winggrid -- Drag Reducing Wing-tip Device  
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Winggrid -- Drag Reducing Wing-tip Device

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Winggrid -- Drag Reducing Wing-tip Device

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Product Description

Dr. U. La Roche was asked to comment on how he got the idea for the winggrid.
  This is what he had to say:
We studied patents on aeronautics, e.g., Class 244 or international class
B64C. We noticed that the question of how storks fly was an ongoing study
without success since the time of Otto Lilienthal.
So we got interested in this question and after a few years started to think
that the question could be solved. (if nature can do it, why can't we do it, as
As background, I was not only an aerodynamicist, but I had also a good
knowledge of turbomachinery.  This proved to be very important, since the
wingtip feathers, as it turned out, are really a grid of airfoils like those
used in turbines and described in textbooks on turbomachinery and not on
airplanes and wings.
Anybody studying the Winggrid material will notice, that there are always
very old books mentioned.  This reflects the fact that we are dealing with quite
an old engineering science.  As shown by the invention, quite a few times it is
the basic understanding of the problem that counts and an inquiring mind never
taking anything for granted.
A severe difficulty we are facing now is that the WINGGRID is not described
in airplane textbooks. So, quite a few aeronautical people simply say it doesn't
work and doesn't exist unless they see it someday flying.

Company Details

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