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Date: 22 April 2018
Space and Airborne Systems  
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 Space and Airborne Systems

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Space and Airborne Systems

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Product Description

SAS draws on resources throughout Raytheon to develop the best solution for
each customer and has a reputation for exceptional quality. We’re committed to
providing systems that customers can rely on to perform as needed every time,
and this promise of mission assurance has been proven continually in critical
missions. SAS also provides ongoing mission support such as training, logistics,
and field assistance.

Photo of ATFLIR Precision Targeting Pod

A Versatile Innovator

SAS has a history of major innovations across the electromagnetic spectrum.
Among these:

  • The world's first operational AESA radar

  • Our revolutionary and evolving AESA radar family

  • The ATFLIR precision targeting pod

  • A variety of sophisticated systems for space applications

Our highly skilled professional team continues to build on past successes,
demonstrating our strong capabilities in sea, air, space, and network centric

Air Dominance

Photo of Air DominanceRaytheon
sensors, weapons, and missiles seamlessly integrate to provide the most
advanced, end-to-end warfighter support available. These air dominance solutions
give aircrews the edge no matter what fighter they’re flying. SAS air dominance
capabilities include the most precise targeting system in production, the AESA
radar, “sensors to weapons” options, electronic warfare, and a variety of EO/IR
and laser systems.


is a premier provider of ISR technology. A prime example is the Airborne
Standoff Radar (ASTOR) system for the U.K. Ministry of Defence. ASTOR combines
state-of-the-art intelligence gathering and network centric operations
capability. Its dual-mode radar, sophisticated image processing, and integrated
ground stations will provide combat commanders and other decision makers with
the most accurate and timely information available.

Space Applications

Photo of VIIRS

A leading supplier of space qualified systems for civil and military use, SAS
applies its broad domain knowledge to meet complex and critical needs.
Current programs include:

  • The Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), the most
    sophisticated weather sensor ever developed for space

  • ARTEMIS, an affordable, quickly launched satellite sensor for tactical

  • The Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS), an advanced missile
    detection/tracking asset with a key role in U.S. national defense

  • Other environmental, operationally responsive space, and missile defense

Company Details

Shared past, one future: the making of a global technology leader

With a history of innovation spanning 85 years, Raytheon today is the result of continuous technological leadership. Over the years Raytheon has acquired... more

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