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Date: 25 May 2018
124 Stratoflex medium pressure hose  
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124 Stratoflex medium pressure hose

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124 Stratoflex medium pressure hose

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Product Description

Hose Application/Specifications:

124 HOSE:
SPECIFICATIONS: Meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-H-27267 and
MIL-H-25579. See information bulletin IB-630 for TSO approvals.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube-Extruded tetrafluoroethylene. Reinforcement-Sixes-3 thru-12,
one corrosion resistant steel wire braid. Sizes-16Z thru-24Z, two corrosion
resistant steel wire braids.

PROOF PRESSURE: Hydrostatic pressure test at twice the rated working pressure,
and test air under water at maximum operating pressure.

APPLICATION: High temperature aircraft hydraulic, ballistic, pneumatic, fuels,
lube oils, coolants, solvents, and most missile fuels and oxidizers.

-65 to +450 F (-54 to +232C)
*Size-3 is not covered by MIL-H-25579 or MIL-H-27267, but manufactured and
tested to intent thereof.

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