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Date: 22 April 2018
ActinTM Robot Control and Simulation  
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ActinTM Robot Control and Simulation

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ActinTM Robot Control and Simulation

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Product Description

Based on patented software developed for NASA, the Actin
toolkit coordinates motion for individual or cooperating fixed or mobile
robots. A developer just describes the robot and the desired behavior through a
simple language, and Actin produces real-time algorithms for setting joint
positions and rates to achieve any desired hand motion.  Actin works with almost
any joint type or hand type and with an unlimited number of degrees of freedom
and branching connections.
Actin also provides powerful simulation.  It can import
models from many CAD formats and includes a plug-in for SolidWorks.  Physics
properties can be captured from CAD models or set separately and used for
high-fidelity digital analysis.  Through a rich collection of simulation and
analysis techniques, Actin can save a designer time and effort by
identifying problems at the earliest stages of design.  It can also assess the
applicability of a robot to a new problem or environment before the robot is

Capabilities Overview:
The primary function of Actin™ is to calculate joint
positions and rates that set robotic end effectors where you want them. Actin

  • provides tools for geometric reasoning

  • supports cooperation of multiple robotic manipulators

  • can be used to dynamically simulate physical environments

  • supports three-dimensional rendering

  • provides basic tools for machine vision

  • can be used for network TCP/IP communications

  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) -
    developers can easily connect code with components from the Actin toolkit to
    build XML-configurable C++ objects. In addition to reading and writing
    themselves in XML, all XML-configurable objects can write their own validating

    Mathematical and Geometrical Tools -
    Actin provides three-dimensional vector math and matrix routines. Conversion
    utilities for three-dimensional quantities are included. Orientations can be set
    from quaternions, Euler angles, Rodrigues parameters, angle-axis, direction
    cosine matrices, and so forth.

    Kinematic Control - Actin automatically
    calculates joint rates or positions to give desired hand velocities or positions
    based on the manipulator model description. Manipulators with any number of
    links, any number of bifurcations (branches), nonstandard joint types, and
    nonstandard end-effector types are supported.

    Dynamic Simulation - Actin includes full
    and accurate Newton-Euler rigid body dynamics on all articulated links and
    impact dynamics between obstacles. Dynamics are calculated for nontraditional
    joint types, as well. Both the Composite Rigid Body Inertia algorithm and the
    Articulated Body Inertia algorithm are implemented.

    Rendering - Actin provides cross-platform
    rendering and visualization capability. Any manipulator can be viewed through an
    easy-to-use interface and any number of manipulators can be shown in the
    visualization. The specular properties of surfaces can be set, bit mapping can
    be used, and any number of lights can be configured.

    Machine Vision - Actin includes methods
    for capturing images with a USB camera, firewire camera, or frame grabber. It
    also includes algorithms for analyzing captured images and using the results as
    information to feed back to the controller, as well as camera calibration
    algorithms that allow for the automatic calculation of camera parameters, such
    as focal length and position/orientation.

    Network Communications - Actin includes
    C++ classes for networked robot communications. Support is implemented both for
    TCP/IP and UDP/IP communications. A networking stream class is implemented to
    allow the transmission of control systems described in XML from one network
    location to another.

    Platform support - Both Linux and Windows
    are supported.


    Company Details

    Energid Technologies provides engineering products and services for robotics, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and simulation applications. We develop tomorrow's technologies. Whether you need a specialized training system, a... more

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