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Date: 16 August 2018
Home Alarm Panel Newest technology  
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Home Alarm Panel Newest technology

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Product Description

ST-VGT is a wireless security protection system that includes a control panel , integrated touch screen keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the two way wireless technology.
Pacakge includes TCP/IP and GSM double network alarm control panel ST-VGT, 1pc MC-335R wireless intruder detector, 1 pc MD-210R door contact, 2 pcs keyfob PB-403R.

With allied voice prompt interface, Support IOS/Andriod app mobile remote control in any network status 3G/4G/Wifi ect. including 2 wireless remote controller, 1 wireless door magnetic contact sensor,1 wireless PIR motion detector with PET immunity as KIT. With function of RFID card door access.
TCP/IP, GSM, PSTN and RFID 4 network
8 Wired Zones
32 Wireless Zones

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