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Date: 17 October 2018
Residential Alarm to make burglar fear detection system  
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Residential Alarm to make burglar fear detection system

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Residential Alarm to make burglar fear detection system

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Product Description

Residential Alarm to make burglar fear detection system
Burglars fear detection alarm system. No police calling residential alarm urban neighborhood security system.
DIY home security solution
This wireless alarm security solution includes 1 exterior solar powered wireless burglars detector, high decible audio alarm with red flashing light, 2 key-fob to remote control the siren strobe.
As pictures showed, this sales leading package includes 1 pc FC-89SR solar powered wireless exterior intruder detector, 1 pc MD-214R wireless siren strobe, 2 pcs key-fob to de-activate the siren strobe alarm.
Functions and Specification:
1.Wireless and wired compatible outdoor detector.
2.2 channels dual PIR and dual Microwave detection.
3.With strong resistance of anti-masking, anti-interference and suitable for harsh environment.
4.Self testing and low voltage test, status report.
5.Pet Immunity maximum 30kgs.
6.Detection distance:9m/12m/18m
7.Detection angle:30/90/120
8.Alarm LED can be active or non-active, sensitivity can be adjusted.
9.IP65 environmental rating.
10.With tamper switch to avoid open or moving.
12.Transmitting distance:100~150m
13.Installation:Wall mounted 1.8m~2.4m height.
Functions and Specification:
1.It can work with alarm panel and controlled by panel. It can work with wireless detectors or remote without panel.
2.It can code maximum 48 wireless equipments.
3.It is powered with adaptor and DC12V 500mA rechargeable battery
4.It is tamper-resistant to against moving or open.
5.It fit for to be installed in porch, window at home or store.
6.It can realize alarm and disalarm answer and react.
7.Power voltage:DC15V
8.Alarm Sound:110dB
9.Standby current:8mA
10.Alarm current:<=500mA
12.Receiving distance:100m
Functions and Specification:
1.It is with one emergency button and 2 appliance control buttons.
2.It is used to arm (with home arm and away arm mode), disarm the alarm system.
3.Exquisite design, with pictures for key functions easy explain.
4.Scientific address code with millions of combination which enable all the remoter controller to be exclusive one, without permitting, it is impossible to copy.
5.Low consumption for transmitting, indication for signal output.
6.Frequency: 433MHz
7.Code: 28 bits ID, 8 bits function code, 36 bits data code
8.Voltage:5.8V-7V, (using 2pcs CR2032 Lithium batteries) about one year working life.
9.Information emission: LED lighting
10.Working temperature:-10℃~50℃

Residential Alarm to make burglar fear detection system
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