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Date: 20 May 2018
Graphite Plates  
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Graphite Plates

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Graphite Plates

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Product Description

Graphite plates are manufactured from multiple plys of unidirectional graphite in a cured epoxy matrix. ACP manufactures the following types of graphite plates: (Custom lay-ups available)

The Flex Plate is a Solid/AII Uni Carbon laminate with a black satin finish. Stiffness in all directions is obtained from the 0/90, +/- 45 isotropic lay-up of the unidirectional carbon plys. Flex Plates are ideal for R/C car rear suspension flex plates, retractable landing gear shock absorbing mounts and wing spar joiners.

.074", .084", .094" and .110" SOLID ALL UNI-CARBON
ACP's unique plates are manufactured from only high strength unidirectional carbon fibers with a black satin finish. Stiffness in all directions is obtained from the 0/90, +/- 45 deg.isotropic lay up. The laminate is 100% carbon fiber, with no woven glass filler in the center to add weight. These plates are 30% lighter than fiberglass plates and approximately six times as stiff. The blanks can be used for chassis, shock towers and receiver/servo mounts.

These plates have the same uni-directional carbon fiber isotropic lay-up as the solid all uni-carbon plate. However, to enhance the appearance of the plate, a high gloss woven carbon fabric is added to the surface. The woven outer ply lay-up will not fray or split when cut or counter sunk.
4 Ply and 5 Ply CORLITE Uni-Carbon.

CORLITE was developed by ACP to offer the lightest and stiffest carbon plate available . The unique design incorporates hollow ceramic microspheres in an epoxy matrix sandwiched between uni-directional carbon fiber laminates, with a black satin finish. The CORLITE plates are 25% lighter and stiffer than similar panels of the same thickness. The 4 Ply is similar in stiffness to an .084 solid and the 5 Ply is similar in stiffness to a .094" solid. The 5 Ply has an additional layer of uni-directional carbon orientated in the 0 direction. The additional layer can be positioned where the greatest stiffness is required. CORLITE plates are .100" thick.

Company Details

Custom manufacturing capabilities set us apart as a broadly based and knowledgeable supplier of composite products. We specialize in producing composite parts, tubes and panels to meet your specific design requirements.

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