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Date: 20 May 2018
Acoustic Media  
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Acoustic Media

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Acoustic Media

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Product Description

Feltmetal® Acoustic Media Provides High Temperature, Lightweight Noise Control
Feltmetal® Acoustic Media is an engineered, porous material made of sintered metal fibers. Fiber size,
porosity and thickness combine to control the desired flow and sound absorption. To enhance tructural
properties, the metal fibers may be reinforced by sintering to screen mesh or perforated
Feltmetal® Acoustic Media is produced from fibers having diameters ranging from 6 to 150 microns. Finer
fibers offer the advantage of lighter weight and lower non-linearity factors. 
Alloys available include:
Stainless Steels for service temperatures up to 930°F [500°C] 
Hastelloy-X for service temperatures up to 1100°F [600°C] 
FeCrAlY for service temperatures up to 2000°F [1100°C] 
Advantages of Feltmetal® Acoustic Media
High Temperature Resistance 
Optimum Performance Through Acoustical Impedance Matching 
Readily Cleanable 
Excellent Erosion Resistance 
Low Non-Linearity Factors 
Exceptional Performance at High Frequencies 
Corrosion Resistance 
Performs Well in Wet Conditions

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