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Date: 17 June 2018
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Product Description

When a new challenge came along to collaborate on the design of revolutionary railcars, Vectorply not only created new reinforcement architectures specific to the task, but also helped develop low cost ways to manufacture parts.
As a member of the design team, Vectorply helped create what many thought would be impossible; to build within budget, a temperature controlled, refrigerated railcar meeting strict climate control conditions and assembled in a steel plant. The success of this project outlines the importance of maintaining priority when approached with such a demanding specification. Vectorply’s understanding of the engineering requirements and processing parameters meant that reinforcements were tailor-made to fit the application delivering the ‘cost effective solution in a box’. This successful venture has spawned a whole new generation in railcar development that will help reduce energy needs and lower transportation costs.

Company Details

Vectorply is a private company with headquarters in Phenix City, Alabama. Vectorply makes more than 200 different styles of reinforcement fabrics for an unlimited number of composite applications. The company operates factories in Alabama and in... more

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