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Date: 21 September 2018
Land Streamer  
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Land Streamer

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Land Streamer

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Product Description

Land Streamer
Geo Stuff Land Streamer
Item # 109140
Geostuff Geophone Land Streamer: 5'takeouts, (24) 4.5Hz V phones per streamer with Kooter connectors. Terminates into a Bendix 61P (compatible with Geometrics Geode inputs). We can supply a Bendix Y adapter for seismographs using (2) NK-27 input connectors.

Ships in two cases of 50lbs ea.

100 lbs.

Company Details

Since our inception in 1998 (and as J.D. Fett Instruments for the 20 years prior to that) our goal has been to provide customers with the best equipment - wherever and whenever they need it. And we'll strive to meet that goal with each and every... more

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