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Date: 25 May 2018
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High Speed Inflation Machine for HDPE Optional Equipment Air Compressor. Corona Treator. Auto Loader. Rotary Die Device. Embossing Roller. Air Shaft. In-Line Printing Machine. ... more
High Speed Inflation Machine for HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Optional Equipment Air Compressor. Corona Treator. Auto Loader. Rotary Die Device. Embossing Roller. Air Shaft. In-Line Printing Machine ... more
helical gears HELICAL GEARS when used on parallel shafts are similar in usage to spur gears. Where velocities exceed 1000 feet per minute, helical gears provide a stronger, smoother running gear train. This type of stock gearing is furnished in 45° helix angle... more
High precision gears Since 1845, i.e. for more than one century and a half, SETAM CARABIN designs, develops, cuts, grinds and checks all sorts of gears : spur gear, helical gear, straight bevel gear, screws and wheels, and grooves: From 1 to 540 mm of diameter Modulus... more
HYDRAULIC BALING PRESS SODALTECH Hydraulic Baling Press is very ideal to make strong and compact waste paper bales which will result in reduced transportation cost, less storage space and better house keeping to minimise fire hazards. This Baling Press is highly suitable... more
Hot Chamber Punch Lako Tool's patented Hot Chamber Punch™ (HCP™) is widely used in the packaging industry for punching strong, neat holes in polypropylene (OPP) bags on vertical FFS baggers. With State-of-the-Art Heater Control Technology (US Patent No.5,451,288)... more
Head Assemblies Are you designing a new machine or installing a new product line? Are you constantly battling a worn out or older style head assembly? Does that new package requirement exceed the capabilities of your current head assembly design? Do you frequently... more
Hydraulics From a single quality component to a complex hydraulic system, Van-Air & Hydraulics is the single source solution for today’s demanding and creative hydraulic applications. Representing the finest manufacturers of traditional hydraulic and electro-hydraulic... more
HOT MELT AND WATER BASED ADHESIVES This is our lowest cost, general purpose adhesive used in packaging, wood bonding, floral design etc. It is clear in color yet has a high enough viscosity to give a good hot tack. This is an excellent, inexpensive general purpose workhorse.... more
Helical Brass Helical, Bevel, Spur, Pinion gears... more
Härterei Tandler Härten gewinnt in der Technik zunehmend an Bedeutung, da Maschinen immer kleiner und leichter werden und immer größere Kräfte aufnehmen müssen. Gehärtete Maschinenteile erreichen außerdem größere Lebensdauer. Da jedes Bauteil unterschiedliche... more
Hubgetriebe Hubgetriebe von 40 N - 100 kN Hubkraft Mit axial bewegter oder rotierender Spindel ... more
Heavy Industrial Transmissions With over 140 years of experience, David Brown has in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industrial applications from mill and conveyor drives through to specialist high speed drives and extreme heavy duty low speed/high torque drives. Read More >> ... more
H.P. Butterfly Valves The line of K-Lok metal seated, firesafe, high performance butterfly valves conforms to ASME standards for fully rated applications in the marine, water, oil, gas and process industries. Grease or silicone free valves available for special applications... more
High Integrity Globe Valves An extensive range of globe valves ideal for throttling and shut off services in oil, gas, petrochemical, power, offshore and other arduous applications. Designed especially for duties where high flow efficiency, tight shut-off and long service life is... more
Hygienic Valves Hygienic valves have been specially designed for sanitary and aseptic applications in the dairy, brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-chemical industries. The range incorporates the Keystone and Hovap butterfly valves, suitable for isolation and... more
Housing PA, POM VPH: 0.3mm; 0.5mm; 0.7mm ... more
Helical Plastic Gears Application: Used with worms to change driving directions. Specification: Modulus M0.1~M2.0 Inquiry: (Please provide gear specification) ... more
Hi pressure hydraulic systems gear piston vane centrifugal pumps & motors hydraulic cylinders hydraulic valves ... more
Heat treatment Case hardening of metals is applied ... more
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