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Date: 25 May 2018
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Heatrex: Tubular and Finned Tubular Heaters Heatrex Tubular and Finned Tubular Heaters provide a highly efficient, reliable and low cost means of rapidly supplying heat directly to air, metals and various types of liquids, depending on the application. UL and CSA Many Heatrex... more
Heatrex: Immersion Heaters Heatrex Flanged Immersion Heaters are designed for through-the-side mounting in tanks and pressure vessels using standard pipe flanges ranging from 3\" to 14\" in pipe size. They are available in a wide selection of rates, sizes and materials... more
Heatrex: Fluid Circulation Heaters Heatrex Circulation Heaters are complete packaged units designed to control the heating of water, oils, steam, air and other gases. Construction Heater Assembly - The heat source is of a bolted flanged design. This consists basically of metal... more
Heatrex: Switchgear Space Heaters Heatrex Switchgear Space Heaters are designed to maintain temperature and minimize moisture inside electrical and mechanical equipment enclosures. They conveniently replace strip heaters or other less efficient heating devices.   Construction:... more
Heatrex: Infrared Electric Heaters Typical Applications: Factories Airport Boarding Areas Bus Stations Sidewalks Gymnasiums Grandstands Swimming Pools Garages Ice Arenas Loading Docks Heatrex Heatzone and Quartzone... more
Hard Drive Clone Image utility Hard disk drive image creation software utility to clone, image, mirror, copy and backup hard disk drive or partition ... more
Hot Plate Plastic Welding Hot plate plastic welding is generally used to weld large and irregular shaped plastic parts with difficult contours and joint lines. Hot plate welding uses a heated platen to radiate heat through close proximity and melt the joining surfaces. After... more
High Voltage Tester SIGMA High voltage breakdown tester are useful for measurement of breakdown (flashover) voltage of electrical components, insulation materials instruments, transformers, etc. can be used to ascertain quality of insulation material before planning their... more
Heat Stress Meter Microtherm Heat Stress WBGT meter: A device for the measurement of temperature and humidity which in turn are used for the calculation of WBGT, which is an internationally recognised method for the assessment of heat stress... more
Hydrology & Rainfall Analyser A comprehensive range of precipitation measuring instruments. From simple manual rainfall collection devices, electronic tipping bucket rain gauge sensors, through to fully autonomic stand alone data logging systems with telemetry for hydrological... more
High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Risers Claxton, along with Acteon group sister companies, 2H Offshore and SRP, have developed a unique and award-winning High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) riser. The award-winning design uses a shrink-fit flange to negate many of the issues... more
Hot Tapping Claxton designs, supplies and operates systems for the provision of hot tapping into valves on wellheads, Christmas trees, check valves and all types of tubulars for both surface or subsea operations. We provide this service for the global upstream... more
Hall effect sensor Spectec\'s Hall effect sensors fulfill a wide array of applications due to the sensor\'s ability to detect zero speed, direction change & produce a digital output read by computers, motion control devices, position monitors and digital to analog converters... more
hdpe chemical storage tank We, Corro Care Industries have been established in the year 1982 and are having our works and Registered Office at Vatva, Ahmedabad. Initially we were in the business of manufacturing all types of Acid Resisting Mortar and taking Turn-Key Projects for... more
Hotel Reservation Software Hotel Management Software is an eminent and error free application which is designed under Windows applications and has full control over various hotel operations accurately and perfectly in computerized manner.... more
Hyperflex Polyurethane grout... more
Hydrualic pump Hydrualic pump Make: REXROTH Model: A10V 0100 DFR ... more
Half Ball 5202 Size: 22\"... more
High Performance Acrylic Adhesive HPA is designed to adhere to a wide variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics. Highly durable HPA is resistant to humidity, chemical immersion and UV exposure, and exposure to harsh chemicals like biodiesel, chemical cleaners and dry... more
Hamburger Machine This machine can keep automatic constant temperature and heat up through the heating pad under time switch without any touch. With fast speed of heating up, it can bake 24 burgers (12 pieces for upper layer and 12 pieces for lower layer). It is the best... more
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