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Date: 25 May 2018
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High-pressure Flanged Steel Gate Valve Quoting Standards: - Design and Manufacture GB12234 Face to face/End to end dimensions to GB12221 Pressure-Temp Rating GB9131 or JB/T3595 or HG20604 Flange dimensions to JB/T74~90 or 9113 or HG20592~20635 Inspection and Test to JB/T9092... more
High-pressure Forged Trunnion Ball Valve Spec: Class 150~600Lb NPS 2~24″ ... more
HMI Range Colter has recently introduced a new Human Machine Interface (HMI). An HMI is an effective way to add a user interface to any project, they can be used for operator interaction, status indication, etc.... ... more
Heat Treatment Department Each component is gas carborised in an pit type furnace, then hardened in oil electrical degreased and then tempered. The component is then shot blasted. To ensure low distortion while hardening, Crown Wheels are press quenched i.e. the component, while... more
Heavyduty Type Slitting Score Air Knife THREE AIR CYLINDERS The knife holder has three air cylinders, the output action force is very big, so it is capable of slitting various thicker and rigid materials. The holder structure is made of special high strength steel alloy in one body, the... more
Heavyduty Type Shear Slitting Score Air Knife HEAVYDUTY AND HIGH SPEED SHEAR CUTTING MT-A610 Heavyduty type top shear knife, which has excellent rigid in whole knife holder and also with three powerful cylinders much improve stably and accurately when it works.MT-A610 especially designed for... more
HYSTER 8000 Lb WITH LOW CLAMP Vortex v6 eng., model s80xlbcs, serial number d004d07308w ... more
HUDSON SHARP MODEL 10-T SINGLE FOLD Machine is 28 5/8” wide, produces 3 towels across at 9+” wide each, score type slitting in line w/ hardened driven mandrel, vacuum trim eliminator w/ single take away tube, 10 hp reliance ac motor, xe duty acx variable frequency drive control w/ stainless... more
HELICAL GEARS Max. Diameter 30" Diametral Pitch 4-12 Max. Face 9... more
Hand Enclosing Some jobs, such as those that contain bulky or unusually shaped items or require careful matching, are not suitable for the machines. This is where our experienced team of hand workers comes in to play. Their attention to detail and ability to work quickly... more
Hose Fittings Hose Nipple Brass Nut Brass Nut & Nipple Hose Male Male Hose Long Stand Pipe Compression Parts Compression Sleeve... more
High capacity 'front end' engineering, essential for a quick response & delivery 12x CAM tooling engineers, for high order capacity. High speed 'BARCO' tooling stations. 2x fully automated, high speed laser photoplotters. Netlist compare service available. ... more
High-Speed Computerized Circuit Assembly In electronic circuit assembly, each of our high-speed, flexible, camera-guided robotic placement machines ensures high quality, low cost and prompt response. Other precision equipment includes circuit board printers, computer-controlled ovens, x-ray... more
Hand Assembly Our workers average over eleven years of service and take pride in craftsmanship. Steady, skilled hands consistently deliver high quality assemblies and subassemblies. ... more
HDTV Manufacturing Technologies HDTV leverages state of the art technology to provide its customers the manufacturing services they need, at the highest possible level of quality... more
HDTV Customer Support Services HDTV measures success based on customer satisfaction by providing the "Customer CARE" Program. The HDTV "Customer CARE" Program C - You, the CUSTOMER are priority one. A - our contract and customer services are ALWAYS readily AVAILABLE.... more
Harness wiring Wiring Solutions LTD is the ultimate company for all of your wiring needs, from the most simple systems to the most advanced military and civilian applications. We specialize in the design, assembly and manufacturing of military and commercial cables... more
Huge in-stock of inventory of cable Pioneer Cable Company wants to build your next cable assembly or wiring harness. We have more than 20 years of experience with demanding customers such as ... more
HD-84 Unwind HD-84.....a rugged hi-speed, heavy-duty shaftless unwind designed to lift, position, and guide rolls with exceptional operator ease. It also features ball-screw operation for raising and chucking. Options include adjustable pneumatic shock dampening roll... more
Hot Melt A dhesive Coating Machine Model HSR-1400... more
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