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Date: 15 October 2018
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Tektronix hopes to shake up ASIC prototyping

Location: New York, United States

Compromise is common place in design. We never have enough time or resources to do everything we want. This has very much been the case with the ASIC prototyping marketplace. The more you want to trace, the more visibility you want, the more it...

Engineers explore environmental concerns of nanotechnology

Location: Blacksburg, Va., United States

Blacksburg, Va. –– As researchers around the world hasten to employ nanotechnology to improve production methods for applications that range from manufacturing materials to creating new pharmaceutical drugs, a separate but equally compelling...

Superconducting hydrogen found to be possible

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

Washington, D.C.—Physicists have long wondered whether hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, could be transformed into a metal and possibly even a superconductor—the elusive state in which electrons can flow without resistance. They...

Pressurized superconducting hydrogen-dense materials for high temperature superconductivity

Location: Unknown, United States

The long-standing prediction that hydrogen can assume a metallic state under high pressure, combined with arguments put forward more recently that this state might even be superconducting up to high temperatures, continues to spur tremendous...

Energy-harvesting rubber sheets could power pacemakers, mobile phones

Location: Princeton University, Engineering School, United States

Power-generating rubber films developed by Princeton University engineers could harness natural body movements such as breathing and walking to power pacemakers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. The material, composed of ceramic...

New simulation tool could shorten manufacturing design process

Location: Blacksburg, Va, United States

Blacksburg, Va. –– Novel research on improving the simulation performance of hardware models created in a language called SystemC, often used to shorten manufacturing design cycles to improve the time it takes to bring a product to the...

More Reliable Forecasts for Water Flows Can Reduce Price of Electricity

Location: StatKraft, Norway

Brazil, Canada, China, the US, Russia, Norway, Japan, and Sweden are among the largest producers of hydroelectric power in the world. One problem for hydroelectric power companies is that the great variations in the river flow and the lack of...

New Superconductivity Mechanism Found in Iron Compound

Location: Cornell, United States

A surprising discovery by Cornell researchers of electronic liquid crystal states in an iron-based, high-temperature superconductor is another step toward understanding superconductivity and using it in such applications as power transmission....

Heat Resistant pressure sensors

Location: Fraunhofer, United States

Microelectronic chips used to take pressure readings are very delicate. A new technology has been developed that makes pressure sensors more robust, enabling them to continue operating normally at temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius. The...

Next generation lens offers more control

Location: DURHAM, N.C., United States

DURHAM, N.C. -- Duke University engineers have created a new generation of lens that could greatly improve the capabilities of telecommunications or radar systems to provide a wide field of view and greater detail. But the lens they fashioned...

Texas A&M physicist sees through all with 'T-rays'

Location: Texas, United States

"T-rays" may make X-rays obsolete as a means of detecting bombs on terrorists or illegal drugs on traffickers, among other uses, contends a Texas A&M physicist who is helping lay the theoretical groundwork to make the concept a reality. In...

University of Toronto physicists lay the groundwork for cooler, faster computing

Location: TORONTO, ON, Canada

TORONTO, ON – University of Toronto quantum optics researchers Sajeev John and Xun Ma have discovered new behaviours of light within photonic crystals that could lead to faster optical information processing and compact computers that don't...

Quality Protection of Ground Water

Location: Singapore, Singapore


To support the National Water Quality Management Strategy, though the adoption of a package of market-based and regulatory measures including the establishment of appropriate water quality monitoring and catchments...

Sensor can detect a single nanoparticle and take its measurement

Location: Washington, United States

Nanotechnology has already made it to the shelves of your local pharmacy and grocery: nanoparticles are found in anti-odor socks, makeup, makeup remover, sunscreen, anti-graffiti paint, home pregnancy tests, plastic beer bottles, anti-bacterial...

New Quantum Cascade Lasers Emit More Light Than Heat

Location: Northwestern, United States

Northwestern University researchers have developed compact, mid-infrared laser diodes that generate more light than heat — a breakthroughs in quantum cascade laser efficiency. The results are an important step toward use of quantum cascade...

ASU scientists improve chip memory by stacking cells

Location: TEMPE, Ariz., United States

New device, based on known materials and an elegant design, helps isolate individual cells and could help meet Moore's Law for years to come TEMPE, Ariz. – Scientists at Arizona State University have developed an elegant method for...

Scientists create world's first molecular transistor

Location: New Haven, Conn, United States

New Haven, Conn.—A group of scientists has succeeded in creating the first transistor made from a single molecule. The team, which includes researchers from Yale University and the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea,...

'Ferropaper' is new technology for small motors, robots

Location: WEST LAFAYETTE, United States

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -Babak Ziaie Researchers at Purdue University have created a magnetic "ferropaper" that might be used to make low-cost "micromotors" for surgical instruments, tiny tweezers to study cells and miniature speakers. The...

Nanotechnology for food, agriculture and biosystems

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Biological and Agri-Food Systems, Nanoscale Imaging, Non-destructive Quality Evaluation, Sensors and Automation for Food and Agricultural Applications, Image Analysis of Food and Cereal Grain Bulks, Grain...

Sorted and Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks for Transistor-Based Aqueous Chemical Sensors

Location: california, United States

Abstract : Detecting trace amounts of analytes in aqueous systems is important for health diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and national security applications. Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are ideal components for both the sensor...

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