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Date: 21 May 2018
Robotics and Control  

Topic Name: Robotics and Control
Category: Mechanical
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Research persons: Dr. Sunil Kumar Agrawal
E-mail: agrawal@udel.edu
Dr. Xin-Yan Deng
E-mail: deng@udel.edu
Dr. Jian-Qiao Sun, P.E
E-mail: jqsun@udel.edu
Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Delawar

Location: Newark, DE 19711,New Castle, United States


Robotics and Control

Applications of dynamics and control range from manufacturing to medical rehabilitation, from vibration damping in aircraft to the assembly of satellite parts in outer space. As manufacturing processes become more complex and the performance of electromechanical systems becomes more demanding, the area of dynamics and control continues to grow and become more challenging.
Optimization of Dynamic Systems
This research focuses on developing improved algorithms to predict and control the behavior of dynamic systems in applications such as robots and manipulators, high-speed machines, manufacturing processes, and aerospace vehicles. The effectiveness of these faster, less computationally intensive algorithms has been tested experimentally as well as on various types of robots.
Design and Fabrication of Novel Robots
New robot designs are being pursued for various applications. After a new design is conceptualized, its feasibility is demonstrated by computer simulation. Planning algorithms are also designed and verified by computer. The designs are then fabricated in-house and interfaced with computers and data-acquisition hardware, enabling the theoretical algorithms to be demonstrated in hardware. Examples include free-floating, rolling-ball, spine-like, and snake-like robots.

Robots and Rehabilitation
Robots have the potential to assist in rehabilitation due to their sensing and actuation capabilities. Current projects are developing robots for assistive therapy, tremor suppression, and gravity compensation.
Active Structural-Acoustic Control for Interior Noise Reduction

This research focuses on modeling of complex structural-acoustic systems such as aircraft interiors and developing smart sensor and actuator systems for implementing controls to reduce interior noise. The goal is to create an office-like environment on aircraft so that passengers on a long flight can either work on board or rest well; the latter is particularly critical in military aircraft, where soldiers must arrive ready to engage in battle.

Applied Nonlinear Control
Current research in this area is targeted at two applications:
Advanced composites manufacturing processes: This work is aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and increasing efficiency through automation. Nonlinear and intelligent control algorithms for regulating the resin transfer molding (RTM) process are currently being developed.
Precision farming machines: This project focuses on developing a standard compatible configuration for computer controllers, components, and equipment to provide robust and adaptive control for precision agriculture machines such as spreaders
Cell Mapping Methods for Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Problems
This work is aimed at developing improved numerical solution methods for nonlinear stochastic optimal control problems, with potential application to structures exposed to earthquakes, ocean waves, or high wind; precision machines, manufacturing processes, and robots; and target tracking and guidance systems. The results will enable more efficient and accurate prediction and control of the response of these systems, better assessment of their reliability in harsh random environments, and the development of new strategies for controlling them.
Sandwich Structure Optimization
This work focuses on optimizing sandwich structures for noise and vibration isolation. The research is aimed at (1) developing a mathematical theory for minimum-weight optimized design of sandwich structures for noise abatement and (2) demonstrating special sandwich configurations suited for noise isolation.

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