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Date: 25 May 2018
Neurosurgical Robotic Program to reach Cape Breton  

Topic Name: Neurosurgical Robotic Program to reach Cape Breton
Category: Robotics
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Research persons: Dr. Ivar Mendez, John Malcom, Mr Joe Shannon

Location: The QEII Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE, United Kingdom


Neurosurgical Robotic Program to reach Cape Breton

Neurosurgeons at the QEII Health
Sciences Centre
and patients in Cape Breton have much to celebrate today
after the announcement of funding for a Remote Presence Neurosurgical Robot for
the Cape Breton Regional Hospital through a gift of almost $400,000 from donor
Joe Shannon of Cape Breton to the QEII
. The remote presence robot will enhance patient care by linking
physicians and patients in Cape Breton with neurosurgeons at the QEII who will
provide emergency neurosurgical consultation for the Cape Breton Regional

"This is good news for our District," says John Malcom, CEO of the
Cape Breton District Health Authority.
"We are very grateful to Mr. Shannon for his generosity. We are also thankful
that he recognizes that this is a valuable tool to support the delivery of
emergency care here on the Island. It's an exciting innovation and another
example of technology complimenting our health care services. It effectively
reduces the distance between a patient here in Cape Breton and the Neurosurgeon
in Halifax."

Dr. Ivar Mendez, Head of the Division of Neurosurgery at the QEII, and Chairman
of the Brain Repair Centre, lauded the remote presence robot as a significant
technological development. "This technology will allow us to provide
neurosurgical expertise in real-time where neurosurgeons are not available. This
will enable us to save crucial time in making decisions for patients who require
urgent neurosurgical care in remote locations."

The remote presence robot serves as the neurosurgeon's eyes and ears. From any
location with an internet connection, neurosurgeons can connect to it via a
laptop computer to assess and diagnose a patient, provide instruction to local
physicians and monitor recovery. The QEII Health sciences Centre and the Cape
Breton Regional Hospital have the only two
telepresence robots
in Canada.

The remote presence robot for Cape Breton will impact people like Gerry Gray, a
recent neurosurgery patient at the QEII Health Sciences Centre whose access to a
remote presence robot was life changing. On September 16, 2007 the robot at the
Halifax Infirmary was part of a consultation for surgery to correct a tremor
Gerry had experienced in his hands for 39 years. "The nurse came in and said Dr.
Mendez was there. In wheeled the robot with Dr. Mendez's smiling face on the
screen. He greeted me with a 'good evening Gerry,'" said Gerry. "After about 30
seconds, the strangeness of it was gone. It didn't matter physically where the
doctor was." Through the use of the robot, Dr. Mendez was able to display a
photo and illustrate for him where the neurostimulator implant was destined. "My
wife was so amazed. She had some questions and Dr. Mendez was able to answer
them right then and there and allay her nervousness. It was an incredible
experience," recounts Gerry. Gerry is now tremor free, from a neurological
condition which has plagued his father and several brothers. "Other than a
battery change every four to five years, I'm good to go."

About Researchers & Contacts:

Dr. Ivar Mendez,
M.D., Ph.D., UWO,
Division Head, Divison of Neurosurgery
Director of Research, Department of Surgery
Director of Neural Transplantation Laboratory
Chair, Brain Repair Centre
Research Activities
Functional Neurosurgery
Neural cell Transplantation
Robotoics in Surgery
Web-Site of Research Interest:


John Malcolm

John Malcolm is the author of the highly popular Tim Simpson mysteries, as well
as a number of books on art and antiques. A former Chairman of the Crime Writers
Association, John Malcolm lives in a Sussex village in the south of England.

Joseph Scott Shannon
Wilmington, Delaware
Phone (302) 552-4329
Fax (302) 651-7905
Email jsshannon@mdwcg.com

Jos. Scott Shannon, an Associate in the Professional Liability section of the
Wilmington Office of Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, is a graduate
of the University of Delaware. Immediately after graduating from college, he
entered the United States Marine Corps in which he was commissioned as an
officer serving variously as an infantry platoon commander and assistant
logistics officer in the First Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, and with the
Second Marine Division Schools at Camp LeJeune during the First Gulf War.

Some Important Notes:

Neurosurgery : Neurosurgery is the
discipline focused on treating those


peripheral nervous system
and spinal column diseases amenable to mechanical
For more information: 










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