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Date: 22 June 2018
Base Transit Time of a Bipolar Transistor with Gaussian Base Doping Profile  

Topic Name: Base Transit Time of a Bipolar Transistor with Gaussian Base Doping Profile
Category: Electronics
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Research persons: Touhidur Rahman, Md. Ziaur Rahman Khan , M. M. Shahidul Hassan

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Abstract :


In this work, an
analytical expression for base transit time tb
of a modern high-speed npn bipolar transistor with gaussian base profile is
obtained. The doping dependence of mobility, bandgap narrowing effect and
carrier velocity saturation at the base edge of the collector-base junction are
incorporated in finding tb. The collector
current density, Jn, and minority carrier stored charge per unit
area, QnB, are separately expressed as a function of the injected
electron density n(0) in the base in order to find tb.
The modeling of Jn, QnB and tb
is essential for the design of high-speed bipolar transistor. The base transit
time calculated analytically is compared with numerical results in order to
demonstrate the validity of the assumptions made in deriving the expression. The
closed form expressions for collector current density and base transit time
offer a physical insight into device operation and are a useful tool in device
design and optimization.


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