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Date: 23 April 2018
Evaluating the Web Search Engines Quality: Point of User View  

Topic Name: Evaluating the Web Search Engines Quality: Point of User View
Category: Computer science & technology
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Research persons: Mollah Muhammad Towhidul Hoque

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Abstract :


This paper
presents an evaluating method of the Web search engines quality. A large number
of experts and organizations in the world are engaged in development and
updating the methods for evaluating the quality of search engines.
Unfortunately, there is no standardization for the methods of evaluating the
quality of search engines, both nationally and internationally. The evaluation
of the quality of Web search engines not only enables informed consumer choice
but also assists and encourages search engine operators to improve their
standard of service. Since many search engines claim to be using novel
techniques, effectiveness comparisons between these engines and systems
employing published methods are potentially of interest to the Information
Retrieval research community. Experimental results demonstrate that the offered
method is less expensive and is of less labour-consuming procedure, than all
earlier known methods.

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