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Date: 17 October 2018
Manufacturer of lithographed direct mail envelopes.  

United States

United States

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Manufacturer of lithographed direct mail envelopes. The goal of today's lithographed direct mail envelope is quite simple: Create a first impression that stands out from the clutter, one that engages the eye, excites curiosity, and demands attention. Colfax Envelope is uniquely capabable of helping you create great direct mail. Our outstanding client list demonstrates that we deliver. Within our Web site, we invite you to learn about the types of envelopes we produce, and the outstanding service we provide. Within our support pages, you'll find answers to questions we are frequently asked. The Why Colfax pages will tell you what makes Colfax Envelope the leader in direct mail envelopes. Finally, we invite you to contact us for more information or to request a quote.

Company Profile

Our equipment and our integrated printing and converting processes are important, of course. But the strength of a company depends on its people.
Because it is the Colfax Envelope people that make it happen.

Colfax Envelope people are skilled and experienced. Many have been with us over twenty years. So they know their jobs, their equipment, and their co-workers. And they want to know... more

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Posted: 27 September, 2005 07:46
Site Title: Colfax Envelope Corporation - Direct Mail Envelopes for Banks and Mass Mailers - envelope manufacturers, printing and convertering, bang-tail envelopes, bank envelopes, bang tail envelopes, multiple windows envelopes, perforated envelopes, die-cut e
Site Desc: Direct Mail Envelopes for Banks and Mass Mailers - envelope manufacturer, printing and convertering, bang-tail envelopes, bank envelopes, bang tail envelopes, multiple windows envelopes, perforated envelopes, die-cut envelopes, special inks envelopes, varnishes envelopes, bar-coded envelopes, converted envelopes
Category: MECHANICAL / Packaging / Envelopes
Specialized in: Advertising Agencies - Advertising Envelopes - Bang Tail Envelopes - Bank Envelopes - Bar-coded Envelopes - Buffalo Grove - Chicago - Commercial Mailings - Converted Envelopes - Die-cut Envelopes - Direct Mailings - Envelope Manufacturers - Envelopes - Illinois - Junk Mail - Lithographed - Lithographed Envelopes - Lithography - Mass Mailings - Multiple Windows Envelopes - Outstanding Service - Perforated Envelopes - Special Inks Envelopes - Varnishes Envelopes
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